hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

I got a terrible hair cut today. The hairdresser looked like my high school PC teacher (which was frightening in itself) and she was so bad at her craft that I left the salon with the hairstyle of a 12 year old bogan child. However, a somewhat minor compensation for the fact that she destroyed my hair was that she shared some interesting insights into the twisted minds of men who commit murder suicides. You could say that I came home ugly but enlightened.

She has a friend who is a criminologist and has studied murder suicide cases in which fathers kill their children. Now when I saw these cases reported on TV I would always jump to the conclusion that the man felt emotionally disconnected from his children and, seeing them as the property of his wife, killed them in an act of revenge against her. Not so! Apparently the man loves his children immensely and believes himself to be such an important figure in their lives that they literally cannot live without him. He convinces himself that it is within their best interests to die rather than be removed from his custody and returned to their mother. He often kills the mother as well in order to spare her the pain of having to live without her children.

Anyway, this information has lead me to make two wildly unsubstantiated conclusions about the nature of evil;
1. 'Evil' and 'Selfishness' are almost interchangeable terms. Evil is selfishness that was taken too far. It is what happens when your sense of self worth becomes so inflated that you believe yourself to be at once central to the lives of others and intrinsically superior. Eg; the father who believes he is imperative to his child's livlihood, the teenage gun man who believes all his peers are privately making fun of him and plotting against him.
2. People who do evil things don't believe their actions are evil. Everyone - even a man who is prepared to kill his own children - lives in a universe in which they are the ultimate good guy.

What can I say, it messes with my mind.


From Timothy R.

When I'm feeling artsy...

my room tends to follow suit. I have post-it notes stuck everywhere (for no reason) and paints and pens on my desk and I've been drawing like I've been needing to for months. It feels good to make stuff -- it makes me happy.

My 'workstation' (lol, like I'm doing any work):

I also found another awesome little thing I haven't seen in a while. It now sits proudly on my 'computer' (I use it like one, lol, but it's funny; my laptop is on one layer, my tablet with mouse underneath it, and an external keyboard under that -- I'll take a photo some day).

I think it is awesome.

If anyone can recognise it -- kudos to you!

Oh and anyone who can guess who the drawing is of wins a prize. FIVE CENTS!

This wasn't the entry I meant to post by today but it wasn't ready, and I felt obligated to post something anyhow. xP.

A "Hello, my name is..."

Enact a few of these.

One semester into a law degree and already I'm fantasising about the awesome bills i'd pass through parliament if only I had the chance.

Short Title:
No Dating Before Menstruating Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent pre - pubescent girls from squandering their innocence on pimply fifteen year olds who dress like Corey Worthington.

Short Title: Loud Mouths in Lectures Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent insecure mature age students from attempting to engage lecturers in 'intelligent and adult' conversation during valuable class time.

Short Title: Touch on, Touch off Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent Brisbane commutors from forgetting to 'touch off' with their go cards.
s1. Each Brisbane City Council bus and train carraige is to be policed by an 80 year old zen karate master who will lead commutors through 'touch on, touch off' exercises for the duration of their trip.

Short Title: Titilation in Tutorials Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent desperate university students from flirting shamelessly in tutorials.
s1. No university student shall arrive at a tutorial dressed in a manner that would grant them entrance into a night club.

Short Title; Colourful Cardigans Act (2008)
Long Title; An act to encourage Brisbane women to introduce colours other than grey, black and beige into their winter wardrobes.

You guys are INSANE!

It's half past midnight and the loudest thing I can hear is the creaking of grasshoppers and the sound of my laptop whirring in the dark. I'm not cold -- not anymore -- though I swear to god I knew something was up the minute my phone rang at 11:53 pm with questions about where I lived and how to get there from Quynh's shop's place.

I wish I'd taken a photo; it was priceless. Hearing those guys on the phone -- 'wait, LEFT at the big white building?' 'NO!!! Go PAST it!' -- as they headed toward my place in the middle of the night was the most hilariously mind-tripping experience of my life. Toni even snuck past my parents into my room and did a little dance of joy before realising she was probably going to be crucified if she were discovered, deciding to run back outside to rejoin her comrades, Chris and Mitch, in the car.

'Well, I just thought that since you couldn't come to it, we decided to bring it to you -- 'it', meaning us.'

I have the craziest friends in the entire flipping universe, and they make life absolutely BRILLIANT.

Sorry, I decided I'd just get the ball rolling; life seems pretty flipping eventful if you ask me! Sigh, these guys are INSANE. If I didn't have Google, they'd have been lost on the way here. LOL.

Project Mung Bean.

I woke up today with an idea in my head that this place could sort of turn into a crazy kind of e-Zine, informal as it is crazy, kind of like an online scrapbook of sorts -- experimental at the very least -- with no major expectations. Whether you've photos -- random, artistic, memorable -- quotes, poems, little facts about your day or entire feature articles or something you'd like to debate about, there's a place for it here.

There are no obligations, but it's an idea that's been brewing for a while. It had something to do with Mung Beans and Year 11/12 biology and the crazy olive greenness of it all that seems to have faded away in my mind as fast as the idea came.

Let me know what you think.

The Title and URL aren't finalized and can be easily changed.

Feel free to bounce ideas around.

- Janelle.