Getting on the Bandwagon

Appears to me that everyone's avoiding study to a degree.

I'm gonna be honest, I haven't studied in two days. Just can't concentrate y'know? So what have I done? I've watched Sex and the City reruns, Janice Dickenson shows, Supernatural, whatever. I've been watching TV.

But most of all, I've been tweaking my desktop.
Print screen time?
Window Vista and Mac Leopard had a baby, and the said baby is obsessed with McFly.

Oh how bored I am

My Captivity, Day 2:
I would like to note, first up, that never have I opened up this blogging website so much, and discovered pretty much a new post everyday from those of us failing to study. Clearly, I am not alone. I would also like to note that WOW Janelle you can type a very long post.

Warning to all who read: This day was made up of immensely girly activities and the only reason I am posting this nonsense is because I am bored and people say I don't blog enough. Anyway, to continue on with my story:
Well, as you may have noticed, yesterday I posted a video. Today, to avoid study, I did some maintenance to the good old body. First I went for a walk/run around the house [the outside of the house that is]. Yes, I could have gone off down the street with Aggie on the lead but 1) I dont like going out alone on the streets in case any of the neighbours dogs are out [I don't think I could take on that savage Border Collie up the road on my own and I don't think Aggie would be much use in the protection department] and 2) to go out up the street would require locking Lily and Boo away and then taking Aggie out. Why go to all that effort when I could just run around the house with 3 dogs in tow?
Afterwards, I had a shower, shampooing twice and conditioning (I only shampooed twice because the cheap stuff failed to create the smooth affect I was after). I then plucked my eyebrows (although I finished that quickly cos I'm not one for pain) and then moved on to scrubbing my feet with some stuff I bought from the body shop earlier in the year. This involved getting a bucket from the laundry and sitting in the middle of the lounge room with a towel under my feet. I then moisturised as I have noticed I've been suffering from dry skin lately. I discovered I was really desperate to avoid study when I noticed I was actually using a moisturiser that smelt like mandarins that I got in my christmas stocking last year and haven't actually used because I hate the smell. I used a fair decent amount of the stuff too. I also painted my freshly cut nails. I would like to note the advantages of clear nail polish - people won't notice if it gets a chip in it AND if you go over the "lines". It also creates a nice shiney affect.
Have I bored you yet?
Expect one of these again on Friday [study will not be happening tomorrow as I am out visiting].
To those that I can not be social with: I miss you all.
Signing out,
The Captive

That's a problem

(Funny, because I know this is the wrong genre for Monkey Socks and far too long.)

If you let your environment take control, you begin paying a lot less attention. That’s the difficulty of integration; ignorance allows you to lose track of your destination. Microsoft Word 2007 was a major change for me but I never bothered to study it. Who needs instruction manuals? I worked it out mostly, but Word 2007 is far more complex than Word 2003 – it needs to take into account compatibilities with older versions. You can convert documents into XPS and PDF. The Equation Editor has had a facelift – is far prettier – but won't allow 100% customization; in Word 2003, you could specify fonts regardless of notational convention. Now, Cambria Math is requisite.

Word 2007 follows a new organisational system. It is ironically the programmer’s role to think logically about users’ intuition (however oxymoronic);

Would they rather a ribbon or a drop-down menu? We invented the drop-down menu!

We sadly live in a society that expects everything at the push of a button and skim-reads anything longer than 200 words. Each of us is playing catch-up with technology.

Hey, I can use tabs! Oh crap, which tab is which? Let's try add-ons! Now ColourfulTabs is updating and so is PDFDownload. DownItAll's not compatible with Firefox 3.0! Let's make an add-on!

We're forever creating and changing ourselves to fit in. My Maths lecturer nearly broke down discussing Course Evaluation Forms last month.

'Guys, guys, it's great that you tell us what you find wrong with the course,' she said, 'but could you please tell us what we're doing right?

‘We can't go on changing everything because then we don't know what we're doing right – and then we're back at square one!'

Call me an old fart, but the problem with society is that kids are too 'smart'. They know what's happening but don't care enough to do anything about it. We know what we're 'wrong'. We know that swearing is disrespectful. We know that sitting all day in front of our computers isn't healthy. We know that alcohol is bad for us. We know that cigarettes cause lung cancer and that music is more influential than it should be. We know that 'the media' is full of ‘shit’ (yet love being spoon-fed) and we know that magazines are a form of expensive advertising. We poke fun at the Courier Mail and yet read Crikey! (which is more outlandish and biasing in its language choices) religiously. We know that not having boyfriends/girlfriends won't kill us and argue that in other societies twelve-year-olds are getting married; we also say 'it's just for fun' and are aware that divorce rates are incredibly high in Australia. We also know that education is incredibly important but don't know how to prioritise for the future; emotions override repeatedly.

We live in a world of now, now, now, because we have everything and obsess over customization. We have families that look after us and present-day society is babied by adults, despite there being more elderly people in nursing homes than children – and that’s just Australia. The United Nations introduced the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. In 1977 George Benson released Greatest Love of All, proclaiming that 'children are the future' and no longer 'seen and not heard'. Kids (in Western Society) don't desire to grow up; they fear aging and becoming wrinkly. Who needs responsibility? In the end, people only care about themselves and over-engineer everything. What we consider ‘difficult’ today, like learning how to operate Word 2007, will be required reading for Year 2 students of 2009 while they learn about environmental sustainability.

In the end, we can argue ourselves into and out of everything – we’ve heard these arguments before; we’re like parrots, talking without thinking – but do not know how to look after ourselves. Psychology students understand that ‘remaining on red alert takes its toll, making the organism especially vulnerable to illness; overworked university students in the resistance stage, for example, are susceptible to influenza, mononucleosis, and whatever garden-variety colds happen to make the rounds’ (Westen et al 2006) – but we push ourselves regardless of common sense because demand is plentiful.

Maybe it’s just us. Bill Bryson in Down Under says ‘there is nothing in Australian life more complicated and bewildering to the outsider than its politics. ... [E]ven when you are there and dutifully trying to follow it, you find yourself mired in a density of argument, a complexity of fine points, a skein of tangled relationships and enmities, that thwarts all understanding. Give Australians an issue and they will argue it so passionately and in such detail, from so many angles, with the introduction of so many loosely connected side issues, that it soon becomes impenetrable to the outsider.’ (2000, p. 135 - 148)

‘I don’t mean to suggest that these are not important issues, of course. But it is an exhausting process to witness, and you do rather come away with two interlinked impressions – that Australians love to argue for argument’s sake and that basically they would rather leave everything as it is.’ (Ibid, p. 148)

In that case, it’s not just the kids; we're a generation – a country, even – critical of critical thinking.

Hell, maybe it's just me.

The sad thing is, "being critical of society makes it so much harder to participate in it." (M Faith, 2008)

Tell me about it.

List of References:
  1. Bryson, B 2001, Down Under, Black Swan, London.
  2. Westen, D., Burton, L., & Kowalski, R. (2006). Psychology: Australian and New Zealand edition. Milton: John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd

I got bored.

I made this video today.

Clearly, I hate studying.

Of cats and dogs.

My cat is arrogant. You can see it in the way he sniffs your hand before deciding if he'd let you pet him. I have the rotten feeling, however, that he has an affair with the dog next door. Neither the dog, nor her owner, are aware of this steamy relationship. All the evidence is in the strong odour of cat in the dog's flea ridden bed and the black dots of cat-tamed dead things shaken off where he sleeps. Its only a feeling, but he always comes home with a nasty twinkle in his eye.

Crazy People

There is something about Crazy People that I can't help but be drawn to...
  1. The motor attached to an average bicycle
  2. The wires loosely hanging
  3. The unaltered breaks on a bike capable of 60km/hr
  4. The prospect of selling these to other people

Recycled Post: Yet another reason to love kids.

2E Letters to Mr Giant, The Big Castle In The Clouds.
Dear Giant,
My name is Natalie. Why did you kill Jack's dad? Why did you steal Jack's money and why do you have to steal everything? I will get a knife and chop you up and chop off your ears.

From Natalie N
-- in my brother's 2007 Year Book.

I kissed a girl

No not really.
The song is just in my head.
And the title is made to grab your attention.
Yes, your attention, your dedication, your desire to

Hello, welcome to another amusing entry by yours truly.

I don't know what I want to say except that...
"Us girls we are so magical, soft skin..."
Yes you know the rest.
We're pretty damn awesome.
I'm pretty damn awesome.
My cousin just asked me to do his maths assignment or something.
I just told him that I can't do maths to save my own life so...
He stopped talking to me.

Hey this song's cool, Smashing Kelly by Matt Willis..
Yes Matt Willis is an ex-Busted member.
So shoot me, I miss them.

Did you know that Jonathan Brown is engaged?
Gr, missed my chance.

Simple Plan concert tomorrow.

I managed to get the correct T-score first try today in my Psyc1040 tut.
I'm so proud of myself.

This has been a post bought to you by me,
The fabulous, utterly brilliant, terrifically awesome, me.
Yours truly,

p.s. I rock, your socks. I actually do rock them, I throw rocks at them.

The New Norm

I’m not an overly sane person. Nor am I insane. I think I’m sitting quiet comfortably between the two. Better still I have even set up house. No that sounds lame. I’m just learning that life has too many labels strapped to it. I mean how do we know that the definition of sane is actually the correct definition of the bloody word? Who gets to decide what blue is? Why can’t black be blue? Why are we so insistent and heavily dependent on labels? By slapping the label “Try Hard”, “Wanna Be”, “S***”, B**** and so forth on people do we make ourselves more at ease? Or are we just labelling people into roles and stereotypes to make ourselves feel better about ourselves?

I don’t know about you but I don’t call many people beautiful or fantastic, or successful, unless in turn it makes me sound better. After all having a successful sister sounds hundred times better than say having a dole bludger as a sister. These labels either increase our status and consequently society’s opinion of us or they decrease it.

It’s another form of power playing. Another way to make us seem more advanced, more prefect or damn right better than the average Joe blog. Why do we do this though? Who cares what people think? I say I don’t. And honestly most days I don’t care what people think I am up to or who the hell I am. Then there are those days where my hair just won’t sit right, where I swear I look like I’ve been in a fight, where everything on makes me look ten years old and twenty kilos fatter. Those are the days when I am so overly critical that I can confidently say I believe everyone in the world is thinking the same dark negative thoughts in relation to me. And that’s when I care. I do care when people think I’m a bitch. I don’t care if I say I am. It doesn’t make me feel crash hot to have someone I have never really connected with slap the label on me. It gets my back up and makes me feel downright shitty.

Is this why we have to put people down? You can lie all you like but everyone is snide about some trait someone else has. You may not hear it but I’ll bet every cent I have in my bank account, which consequently is nothing at present, that every person you know, be it friend or foe has at some point in time stuck a label on you. And trust me just because we say you look beautiful so does not mean we like that you do. When you look trashy we feel like a million bucks. We like that people stuck that negative label on you because when we go out looking like a million bucks and people think that, happily or not, we feel more accomplished, more successful. We feel damn right better than you because our label is made out of gold and it trumps your colleague design.

Is this the purpose of labels? It is another way to define people into social classes? Are we just replacing an old norm with a new one? Are labels the new social status rigging?

Risky Writing

The Unit Outlines for creative writing subjects make me laugh. They all have this tacked on the end;

8. Risk Management

There are no out of the ordinary risks associated with this unit other than those usually faced in the gaining of new knowledge (eg: identity crises, artistic integrity crises, existential angst, etc)

I was sat on a bus the other day. Hilarity ensued.

Crazy kids Part II.

'Yeah, there are four bases. Have you been to first? What's it like, anyway?'
'It's pretty cool. Weird though. Like having a worm in your mouth.'
'Oh, yeah, that would be cool!'
'Ha, yeah, worse if the other person knows what they're doing and you didn't.'
'Yeah, like, ... what if you licked her nose off?'

Ah, twelve year olds make me laugh.

(Disclaimer: they may actually have been sixteen but they had high pitched and squeaky voices.)

Browsing the Weird Stuff section of

As some of you may know, when I'm bored, I browse the internet, do mini researches and conduct experiments with my memory.

Browsing the weird stuff section of is utterly brilliant. I found out that the world's heaviest man is getting married, the world's gonna end because of an experiment that will be conducted in 3 days... many more weird things.

Two very intriguing articles I came across in the past hour of boredom browsing are as follows:
(Do click the links to read the articles yourself)
"Jailed for farting on cop"
"Public Enemy Number One"

I showed these articles to both Toni and Jelly, here are their respective comments on the farting guy story:
"._______. I feel sorry for the man, he might have a genuine issue"
"that's hilarious, how that made the news i will never know."

I can only agree with comments made by Jelly, it supports my analyse of media (handed in today) that the media made the public sphere trivial.

The second article however, I'll post the opening paragraph, you'll have to open the article yourself to read it. I shalt not ruin the fun!

BUBBLY 20-year-old Heidi Dalibor was handcuffed, thrown into a police van and had her musghot taken when arrested recently. Want to know her crime?



Car Accident

Ok, so as you may have heard Wade and I were in a car accident. Ran off the road into one of those massive light poles (first hitting a bus stop sign on the way). Dragged the light pole around 10 meters before stopping. This was outside CSIRO Moggill Rd. The pole was still there the last time we went past if you want to check it out. Wade's car is now undriveable as it destroyed the radiator. Thanks to Wade's awesome Toyota Corolla we are both perfectly fine. No air bags or crumple zone just an extremely strong car. Anyway, I told Chris I would show him some piccies so here they are.