Risky Writing

The Unit Outlines for creative writing subjects make me laugh. They all have this tacked on the end;

8. Risk Management

There are no out of the ordinary risks associated with this unit other than those usually faced in the gaining of new knowledge (eg: identity crises, artistic integrity crises, existential angst, etc)


Janelle said...

Being able to say, 'BARTHES, I DEFY YOU!' cracks me up.

If it helps, Tiffany's doing Psychology at the moment. John is reading up too much about existentialism. I think we all know the feeling.

Just... 'go forth!'

Every time Miss G said that I'd always think, ewww, we're not going to make babies in the music room! but something about it was so 'now' and positive that it was so much easier to just do it.

I wonder how she is these days.

And it's back to the books for me. God, I love physics. xD.