Digital SLR!

Anyone who has heard me shit on the last few months will know that my parents bought a Nikon D60 Digital SLR (see Mt Cootha & the Place of Flowers, Phwoar! and Sexy as for more info).

I’ve become even more crazily addicted to taking photos.

Zac's Confirmation 278

Nikon 570

(Isn’t my brother the coolest?)

I’m definitely not an expert and my photos aren’t even anywhere near good – but the most exciting thing I did last semester was attend a Photography Course offered for free by the guys at Harvey Norman, where my parents bought the D60.

Earlier today, the people hosting the session rang up saying they had another three-session (spanned across three weeks) course (with a field trip to Kangaroo Point) starting in two weeks.

It’s a bit costly – about a week’s pay for me – but it just sounds so exciting.

Should I do it?

I’mma going to have to mull it over a while and think how this fits into my work schedule, too.

Some things to think about.

The Jackson 5 in Camelot

You know you’ve been watching way too much Merlin and listening to Michael Jackson too often when you start scribbling things like this.

Camera 108

Camera 107

I have too much time on my hands. I also get lazy very, very quickly. If I can be bothered, I’ll take out my tablet, reinstall Photoshop and do it properly. Fix some things up. Originally, Merlin was meant to be behind, looking like he was casting a spell; I ended up drawing his head too big, so he is now in front. Sort of. I haven’t even drawn his arms, let alone the rest of his torso. And Arthur looks NOTHING like Arthur.

>< I am going to stick with playing guitar.

(Toni, this is your fault; you said draw along to whatever was stuck in my head. This happened to be it!)

Forever Young

I found myself walking aimlessly through Queen Street yesterday, and I bought three books: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, On the Jellicoe Road, and Coraline. I’m turning twenty in less than six months, and yet I spent all yesterday morning sitting in the children’s section of the nearest council library reading Coraline (a children’s book by Neil Gaiman), surrounded by babies around 18 months old.

Sadly, the immaturity doesn’t end there. Last Sunday, my friends and I skipped a viewing of Harry Potter to roll around in the grass outside of uni at 9 o’clock at night.

Stop, drop & rofl


It was the most fun I’d had in ages.

Credits to Jae Tee for the awesome video.


Sorry for the shit blog. I haven’t felt in the mood to write anything for a while. Lately, I’ve just been wanting to read to my cousins, listen to music, or sleep – my idea of a life is very, very simple. :P

Fun Convos

Just some random tibits of convos... since no one's posting here.

Convo One
A: Hey, let's get married.
B: Okay.
A: Where do you want to live?
B: China.
A: Perfect, we'll open a Caucasian resteraunt.
B: And call it the Kingdom of knocking knieves.
A: Yep... KKK for short.

Convo Two
A: It's a stupid idea.
B: You're a stupid idea, now eat the pie!

Convo Three
A: This is a stupid commercial.
A & B *listening*
[[Premature ejaculation add]]
A: Put those bad performances to bed, isn't that where you're supposed to get rid of them?
B: ...

Convo Four
A: What you eating?
B: Um... sphagetti. But it needs something...
A: Salt?
B: Custard.
A: ...

Convo Five
A: Hey, let's run away.
B: Why?
A: I want to...
B: But then I'll be stuck with you forever.
A: I didn't say I wanted to run away with you.
B: Didn't you?

Hm... random.

One socks off...

I like... socks, I really do.
I’ve told Jel, that if I ever become famous and people give me presents I would only ask for one thing... Socks.
Because I always end up losing them, and it occurs more in winter than any other time.
Well, for those of you who don’t know (or actually care) I wear two pairs of socks in winter.
I think so, it is cold after all, and according to my mother sickness is transferred through your feet (?) and that’s why I wear beanies and bandannas also. (I also have a deep love for scarves)
But, in doing this, it presents a sort of problem.
If you are (strange) like me, then you would know this dilemma, and that is... the moment your socks start to slip off your feet.
With one sock, it’s easy. I know a few girls in High school that would glue their socks to their legs (idiots but resourceful because who uses glue stick in high school except the art geeks?). Nonetheless, one pair of socks is easy to fix.
But when you’re wearing two pairs of socks, and the topmost layer is longer than the second one that one usually tends to stay up.
The bottom one... does not.
So it’s very annoying, (and awkward if someone see’s you), to be pulling up your second sock in a FAIL attempt at fixing this sock situation you’ve gotten yourself in.
But it’s more awkward if, for instance, you’re getting ready to go somewhere, or waiting for someone. When suddenly you realised,
“Shit, my second socks slipping”
You think for a while, ‘Maybe if I fix it now, I’ll miss the embarrassing moment of someone seeing me’ or ‘I won’t be late in getting picked up’.
Because as most people know, most girls take a LONG time to get ready for things, and usually they do this because they’re trying to make an entrance.
Most of the time it’s just irritating, I mean, no one likes to be kept waiting.
So, when you have finally have decided to fix this sock situation, there’s a beeping of a horn and you realise that you’ve become one of those girls, unintentionally.
And then you try to explain that you weren’t trying to be ‘cool’ or ‘make an entrance’ you were just fixing your socks.
“Really, sorry... I was...”
But then you’d realise that you would admit to wearing two pairs of socks, and being the geek that you are, you don’t want to reinforce that.
“I was... on the loo”
*One person clapping, sadly*

My toenails are overgrown.

In other news, I am about to compare myself to an old man living in Camelot!

Merlin: What do you want me to say?
Gaius: The truth!
Merlin: I was born like this.
Gaius: That’s impossible! Who are you?
Merlin: Oh, Um, I – I have this letter.
Gaius: I don’t have my glasses.
Merlin: I’m Merlin.
Gaius: Hu[somename]’s son!
Merlin: Yes!
Gaius: But you’re not meant to be here ‘til Wednesday!
Merlin: Uh – it is Wednesday.

How do I relate? Well. Harry Potter 4 was on TV today and my sister and I were talking about the latest movie.

Johanna: Yeah and sooo many Year 10s are wagging tomorrow to go see it.
Me: But it doesn’t come out until Wednesday!
Johanna: Tomorrow IS Wednesday, DUH!

The truth is, I’m only posting this because if I don’t post it, Monkey Socks will have starved to death.

Hee-hee. I can’t wait to finish watching Merlin. Even if I have to wait for it to load one Youtube clip at a time. And I find it HILARIOUS that I’m streaming these videos from the account of someone who seems Asian. I’m not being racist because I AM Asian. I just think Asians and Merlin are a funny combination -- or Latinos and Merlin, for that matter.

I love how strangely mixed-up our world has become in this modern day and age. Random nerd-kids and engineering students can work in cosmetics stores. I’m free to watch Korean film clips. I can convince Toph to watch communitychannel videos. Tiffany thinks Bradley James is HAWT and is in love with Mcfly. And considers herself not very Asian at all. Jay-tee is more Korean than I am. :P

Ok. I sound like a freak.

Merlin! Aahh. Whatever Jay-tee says, he’s cute. :P In the gawky geeky dweeby kind of way. I think it’s his smile. Hahahahaha.

And Maree, do not report back to your mother just yet. I still haven’t seen past episode 2!