My toenails are overgrown.

In other news, I am about to compare myself to an old man living in Camelot!

Merlin: What do you want me to say?
Gaius: The truth!
Merlin: I was born like this.
Gaius: That’s impossible! Who are you?
Merlin: Oh, Um, I – I have this letter.
Gaius: I don’t have my glasses.
Merlin: I’m Merlin.
Gaius: Hu[somename]’s son!
Merlin: Yes!
Gaius: But you’re not meant to be here ‘til Wednesday!
Merlin: Uh – it is Wednesday.

How do I relate? Well. Harry Potter 4 was on TV today and my sister and I were talking about the latest movie.

Johanna: Yeah and sooo many Year 10s are wagging tomorrow to go see it.
Me: But it doesn’t come out until Wednesday!
Johanna: Tomorrow IS Wednesday, DUH!

The truth is, I’m only posting this because if I don’t post it, Monkey Socks will have starved to death.

Hee-hee. I can’t wait to finish watching Merlin. Even if I have to wait for it to load one Youtube clip at a time. And I find it HILARIOUS that I’m streaming these videos from the account of someone who seems Asian. I’m not being racist because I AM Asian. I just think Asians and Merlin are a funny combination -- or Latinos and Merlin, for that matter.

I love how strangely mixed-up our world has become in this modern day and age. Random nerd-kids and engineering students can work in cosmetics stores. I’m free to watch Korean film clips. I can convince Toph to watch communitychannel videos. Tiffany thinks Bradley James is HAWT and is in love with Mcfly. And considers herself not very Asian at all. Jay-tee is more Korean than I am. :P

Ok. I sound like a freak.

Merlin! Aahh. Whatever Jay-tee says, he’s cute. :P In the gawky geeky dweeby kind of way. I think it’s his smile. Hahahahaha.

And Maree, do not report back to your mother just yet. I still haven’t seen past episode 2!


Topher said...

I'm on my phone but I'd just like to declare that I also downloaded mcfly the other night. I'll write more when I get back :)

Janelle said...

hol shit, you've got Mcfly! I'll think you'll find they're actually a pretty decent band, despite their immature personalities (I suppose you could argue it was endearing) and pop-punk exterior.

Seriously, I love some of their songs. Lol.


Topher said...

I am only conforming so when I stop conforming again it will be a big shock, and everyone will see how non-conformist I am. Then we shall pass our nose-rings around.

Janelle said...

Ewww. Nose rings just make me think of collective snot.

Janelle said...

Ooh, edit: PASSING AROUND nose rings.

I remember when Wendy said I should get one in Year 10. LOL.