Camera Come-back.

It has been floating around in the land of dust bunnies for the Christmas holidays and now its back. In my possession is one sexy camera. To catch up on all the dirty things we get up to together, we did a little of this and that...

Ok but not criminal dirty.
A spot of testosterone sighting.
Think horses and Romans, here. Possibly a pretty lady.
Emo-ing it up in the usual places.

All in all. The camera has been getting fat on pudding and I'm back. Fingers buffed by hours of guitar-gaming, ready to snap and load. Uni is coming up, what ever excuse for procrastination.

Scherzo. Because a quiz told me to use that title.

Janelle. wash away the whiteboard walls of youth. says:
*I'm tired... but happy. i really want you to see my whiteboard and contribute.

` тiғғii. poyɴтeʀ-joɴes ____ ♥ ᴅʀeaмeʀ, a beauтiғul ᴅisasтeʀ ᴅeclare&&proтesт Hardcore Asianese ♥ says:
*lol I want a room built with like, whiteball walls like in the SLC

` тiғғii. poyɴтeʀ-joɴes ____ ♥ ᴅʀeaмeʀ, a beauтiғul ᴅisasтeʀ ᴅeclare&&proтesт Hardcore Asianese ♥ says:
*whiteboards, mirrors, cock boards

Janelle. wash away the whiteboard walls of youth. says:

` тiғғii. poyɴтeʀ-joɴes ____ ♥ ᴅʀeaмeʀ, a beauтiғul ᴅisasтeʀ ᴅeclare&&proтesт Hardcore Asianese ♥ says:
*lol you know. The brown ones

Pretty sure she meant CORK board.

I have the most awesome friends in the history of the universe.

My birthday isn’t even until Thursday, and already I’ve receved this

19etc 153

The biggest card in the history of the universe (you think A2 pages are huge? Try four of them, stickytaped back-to-back), this:


(You may recognise it from HERE), and a reminder that I do have the coolest friends ever.

For now, this is all I can offer in return; a silly little post on Monkey Socks and scribbles on my whiteboard.

19etc 162

I will say now that I am NOT sure that the maths is correct; it’s been months since I’ve even applied the FTC and I just felt like doing maths. As you do.

19etc 159

And have I mentioned that my cousin is the COOLEST?

What can I say: I’m happy. Today I had the most non-conventional party ever (first ever surprise party and it started off with my friends LYING TO ME about a friend being TERRIBLY SAD—and it wasn’t even at my house!) and my high school friends got along really well with my uni friends. It was as though the present shook hands with my past and said, ‘hey, you’re cool’, kind of like today’s odd socks – and I did NOT pick them out intentionally. One high school sock and one of the pink ones I frequently wore to uni. Not that anyone needs to know about my socks.

Ok, enough about me now.

Thanks. And yeah, I just figured that Monkey Socks would be the easiest way to get the message around. The big ‘thanks’. So, thanks.

Some Photos

Here are some more photos, they are all from last night

Few things to keep in mind, I like Ice Break, and the Ari-90 number plate shouldn't be on that behemoth of a car somehow they switched

I also have been trying out this iPhone application called ClearCam, and what this app is meant to do is take 6 photos in 2.5 seconds and then run this algorithm on the 6 photos and combined them into one mega photo. This photo now had double the resolution of the normal photo. Very strange, I don't know how well it works I might post up or link to the original photos so people can compare between the original and enhanced images to see if they can see any difference.

Why do people DO that?

Why do people wear their shirts backwards, on purpose?

And why do they get so pissed when you point out to them that their shirts are on backward?!

I swear to God, it is ridiculous. It looks shit, it looks bogan and it looks like you don't have a washing machine, or that you have one and don't bother washing your shirts.

So the other day, I was walking around the city, minding my own business, doing a spot of shopping to ease my state of mind. I was walking around and saw this girl in front of me; she had a shirt on backwards.

The tag, the place where she bought the shirt from, was in view of the world, letting everyone know where she shops. Okay, I understand if she shops at Louis Vuitton or Guess, and she wants people to know, fine, show off, but okay... actually no it's NOT okay, but I'll get back to this point later.

The tag on that girl's shirt says... "SUPRE", why, WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, would buy a shirt from Supre, and then strut it in plain view of everyone on Queen Street Mall (everyone there already need some burf bag when they walk past that neon store on steriods anyway)? She's MY age by the way, so she should know that anyone who shops at Supre is (insert something here, fill in the blanks!). Everything there are too short, too low and too... Slu..ty (fill in the blanks again!).

Anyway even if the shirt isn't from Supre, people should still not wear their shirts backward, like I said, it looks feral, like you don't wash your shirt... like you're a homeless bogan (no offence to the homeless bogans. I'm sure they have their reasons as to why they're homeless bogans). So that concludes my rant. You may now leave knowing my opinion on why people should not wear their shirts backward. Not that you were that interested in the first place of course.