A year ago today

A year ago today, I don't know maybe, half the people I associate/socialise with now. A year ago today I was 17, a year ago today I was... obsessed with McFly, and I still am.

A year ago today, I posted a blog on MySpace (I used MySpace back then), a year ago I posted a blog titled... "And so I screamed". Janelle probably remember this particular blog, I talked about the content for days, I talked about the object involved in the entry for days, I still talk about them like they are my babies. In fact, they ARE my babies, I treasure them with all my heart, my soul, my life. So, exactly what are they I hear you ask. Well good, you asked, the objects I blogged about today a year ago, the objects I'm blogging about now, are two CDs. Two, brilliant CDs. Two CDs by 4 of the sexiest males in Britian, 4 very talented males, 4 very childish however mature at time, males.

Okay I'll say the M word, they're McFly. A day ago today, I managed to buy, TWO McFly CDs.

Here's an extract from the said blog entry a year ago today:
And by chance I see an HMV store, right?

And so I walked in and asked the guy, whether there's any McFly CDs in (to try my luck) right?

And he said yes (and at this point, my knees are going weak and I'm making victorious squeals and hand gestures and stuff) right?

Oh no I didn't scream on the way to the shelf... and yes it was on a shelf, and yes I saw quite a collection of McFly CDs (and after hard searches throughout HK, I am finally seeing for my own eyes, actual McFly CDs).

The other guy showed us there, and when I saw them, I couched down to have a close look (and yep there they were, a few McFly CDs and some DVDs), I screamed.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I screamed.

The guy was like "Miss, calm down! Calm down! Are you okay? Do you need oxygen? Are you sure? Do you want some water?" and Ki's standing there laughing her head off.

Yes, that happened exactly a year ago today, it was that day, my life changed.

Okay I'm just being cheesy now. But see, before that day, it was "Before McFly", after that day, it's "After McFly", bit like BC and AD. Before Christ and After Christ.

Anyway, I just realised today is that day. That, amazing, brilliant, fantastic day. And I just want to have a toast to myself, "here's to owning and keeping those CDs in pristine conditions for an entire year, bravo Tiffi, bravo". And my stomach's jumping up and down because of the fact that I remembered, today, is the CDs and my anniversary, our union. Okay that was wayy too lame. But yeh. Sorry to you Maree if you're reading this, I know I yelled about it via MSN the moment I realised, but I want to blog about it as I did a year ago today.

Also, since I'm reflecting about last year, a year ago today I was in winter, now I'm in summer, a year ago today my life was jolly and good and well, now half my family hates me. Also, a year ago today, I was pretty damn ignorant about what the heck is going on around me, now I'm wiser, less ignorant and extremely depressed, excellent, I'm now old and wise, like Dumbledore.


Philippines I 141

A fly on my grandma's grave

   Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 064

Intramuros; literally 'In the walls'. Old Manila where once Jose Rizal -- the Filipino National Hero whose stories were rote learned way back when -- fought and was held captive and eventually sent to his execution. Sort of.

Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 089

It's the loch ness monster -- tech-Asianified!

Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 108--

Because the statue is more hardcore than us. It's also the most human looking. I bet you can't tell which one is me now! (cough)

Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 125

Before you say anything: go put on your yellow hat.

A Pictorial Update

In no particular order:

Cooking Adventures

While I can't say cooking is anywhere near as exciting as exploding Thermite in Topher's backyard, I will say it has its moments. Anyone who knows me knows I can't cook for shit (although I can make scrambled eggs and 2 minute noodles), and I've recently taken it upon myself to learn. The other night I attempted to make spaghetti bolognaise.

I ended up with soggy spaghetti and a sauce that had way too much tomato in it. Johanna, who's had experience cooking, consoled me over my loss.

"Yeah, when I made spaghetti the [first time] ... I screwed up was the sauce. Then mum fixed it for me. It doesn't matter though, Ate Janelle; even if someone dies [eating it], mum can fix it when she gets home."

I love her dearly.

And yes, Maree, that is a direct copy and paste. But shh. :P

Anyhow, I'm off to a distant land. Look after Monkey Socks for me.


According to Merriam-Webster, Thermite is "a mixture of aluminum powder and a metal oxide (as iron oxide) that when ignited evolves a great deal of heat and is used in welding and in incendiary bombs."

It's not really something you see kids playing with -- but lo and behold, the engg gang are a sure exception.

We burned a hole right through a piece of what Topher thought was either steel or aluminium. And we have evidence.