What not to do.......

Sorry tiffany I cut off the poo, hopefully its not similar to when you step it in and the smell gets worse.

Food and Craft

Our new chef is bloody awesome. Check out his craft work:

They look pretty damn awesome right?
Yeh I wanted to brag about how I'm associated (cough) with people who can craft carrots with a knife. Boo yaah!
ALSO my photography skills totally pwn.


'Hey are you eating all my food, Maree?'

'Yes, Cindy. I'm going to eat all the ravioli, then all the vegetables in the world, and THEN what will you eat?'

'Then you'll turn into the biggest vegetable, and I'll just eat you!'


Study Date

Yet again, it is exam time. Not big 60% exams that make you pee yourself a little, but the 20% exams you might be able to sit through. Or I might be able to sit through if I quit procrastinating. Had I not lost my camera, this post might have been quicker, shorter and less time consuming. The thing has gone on holiday and I've a growing head ache from phase, bending moment and shear force diagrams. The only heat treatment I'd like to be studying would be the treatment to eggs, salt and garlic but the intricate world of metal cooking is open before me. Reluctant and yet eager to learn I find myself stuck in a study limbo. Not helped by armloads of chocolate and the word 'holiday' labeled on my mini swotvac [cramming week].
If this all pains me, you'd be forgiven in thinking this wasn't the lifestyle I should be following. I've thought along those lines in the late of night with a cup of tea and some crucial assignment. Yet I am still unwilling to give up the late nights, early mornings and mechanical lingo. "Mushy-slurry" being at the height of linguistic eloquence, it might be the lack of attractive alternatives, but I might enjoy the stress brought on by challenges slightly beyond my teased mind.
To be continued when the academic urge to pee has become more pressing.

Supanova Day 2 Part 2

So here it is part 2 of day 2 at Supanova.
More pics with no title, cause I don't know who their supposed to be. I can guess. But I don't want to be wrong.

So this was me walking around taking random pictures.

So here are some pictures of Jhonen V. at his Q&A.
No film was allowed, so I took discreet pictures which have been cropped. Enjoy!

So that is that. He was really funny at the interviews.
[Inspector Gadget was from a previous question of who did he (Jhonen) like to watch when he was younger, the answer was ...Inspector Gadget)
Girl: Who do you think would win in a fight between Zim and Inspector Gadget.
Jhonen: I hate your question. Next!
Audience: Laugh
In the end he said that they're both very similar, they both have cool stuff in their backpacks, but since Gadget seems to win accidentally. In a storyline sort of way, it would be Gadget.

So I got 2 autographs, one in his rushes sort of 'let's-get-through-these-signatures-quickly' sort of name scribble and one in his very nice beautiful signature.
Sorry Toni, I kept the nicer one.
Although, it's less cleared cause he didn't use his silver pen.

But it was awesome, cause he was just cool and everything, I didn’t say anything much to him, like

Me: *walks up to the table* “Hey how are you?”

Jhonen: “Hello, I’m good” *scribble scribble*

Me: taking paper *thanks so much*

Jhonen: *nods head* No problem


But I got to walk along side him most of the day you know, and he’s cool and slightly off center, yet completely awesome. His Q&A was funny too, he was just really down to earth and witty.

I mean, how else do you expect him to be.

Anyway, after he went back to the hotel and it was emptying out.

What’ll you know, I was working past the Singstar stand, there I turn around and see Vic Mignona and Richard Hatch singing to Billy Joel Piano Man. At least I think it was them.

I took a film of it, but my battery was running really really low so I won’t bother putting it up on youtube.

Then after that Dana Snyder (Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and Dave Willis (Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) came up and sang Michael Jackson Billy Jean (in their voices too)

Anyhoes, by the end of the day, I was happy, had taken lots of photos and such.

I took a film of the cheapness of some people where a stall decided to throw out freebies, quiet literally throwing things into the crowd, I got myself a necklace, which I gave to my dad.

That says "Free" by the way

That says 'more free stuff'

Insert Aww

So yes, that’s all I have to say, and I’m tired and welcoming my bed. Although I have an actual job the next week, I’m glad that its a 4 day weekend! And I think I get wed off too! Yay!

Night night all!!

I am the meanest sister ever.

My sister's pretty easily confused -- and sometimes I like to add to it. Good Friday is this week and I was asking my sister all sorts of questions about when the official mass for it at her school is. (She said it wasn't until next week -- which is very odd.)

I then moved on to ask general religious questions.

'Johanna,' I asked, 'When's Christmas?' (with an emphasis on the 'mas(s)')
'It's ... at Christmas.'
'Yeah, but when's the MASS for it. You know, Christ, Mass, a mass in celebration of the coming of Christ.'
'At Christmas... on the 25th.'
'Of what? Oh, yeah, April, hey.'
'Um... yeah, I think so. Sometime next term.'

Like I said, I'm the meanest sister ever.

Supanova Day 2 Part 1

Here I am

A bit late with the updating, but I've been so incredibly tired, and everything just sucks at work after being at Supanova. There are no stars there, only annoying customers.


Day two of Supanova, so here it is, with lots of photos!

This is the supanova event completely empty, no ones gotten inside, that’s Kings Comics up front there, they’re cool, they gave out free yoyos.

This is across to the side where the volunteers were (yes that’s Doctor Who, I couldn’t get a proper photo all day)

This was the crowd from inside, just lining up to get in.

And at the JB-Hi FI stand, there was this massive head of Stewie!

This is just some random photos of people who worked in the stalls, some of them dressed up for it. This was before the doors opened too.

I was working at the photo booth, so I basically had to lead people to where photos were being taken with Hayden Panettiere (Claire from Heroes- ps she’s shorter than I thought pps- her boobs are smaller, surprisingly) Vic Mignona (the voice of Edward in Full metal alchemist ps- he’s super duuper nice, AND he has awesome gifts for his friends in his suitcase), Bonnie Piesse (star wars 1 and 2 ps- I didn’t really get to see her that much, she’s really pretty though), Amber Benson (Buffy-I mentioned her yesterday, and yes.. she’s still awesome!), Adam Busch (Buffy-mentioned him yesterday too, and yes, he was still dressed in Doctor Who style) and last but not least Richard Hatch. (he’s cool too, and not that bad looking for an older man *wink*)

This is where I was.

And I kept on running up and away from my job ^^” To go and take pictures of cosplayers, sometimes I would catch them, sometimes I wouldn’t.

Belldandy from Ah My Goddess!

Ouran High School Host Club

Some zombies


Vampire Knight

And next on this little tour we have... *pause*
Is that...?
Could it be...?


Stay tuned for part 2 of day 2.
With lots more pictures and Jhonen Vasquez.

When mathematics becomes poetic

Physics Practice Mid-semester test, 2009, question 9:

A lizard basks in the sun on a sloping rock face.

There's something nice-sounding about it.

Screw it.

I've always had this paranoia that if I post something on Monkey Socks -- or anywhere online, for that matter -- it'll come back and haunt me in my future. I used to have an LJ account which was found by a random blogger and she added me as a friend -- and it turns out she used to do psychology at my university and still lived in the suburb. I've never met her but thing is, considering how big the whole wide world is, the fact that she added me randomly and turned out to be a fellow Brisbaner was almost freaky. Even if the city's huge, and that there are about a million of us on the internet with our billions of accounts.

Today I decided, screw it. I am going to tell a story, and if my cousin reads it, then so be it. I hope she laughs. Worst comes to worst, she lives in a totally different country to me and has never left it. So, for now, I am safe.

As you might know, I went overseas for the Christmas holidays and met up with a million cousins I'd either never met before because they were born after I last visited, or ones I couldn't remember. Trying to catch up on seven years can be a fair bit of work. My cousins in particular have the strangest way of 'getting to know you'. On one occasion, friends of my cousins conducted an interview, asking me what my name was, how old I was, what my hobbies were, what Australia was like ('are there any Aboriginals? What about kangaroos?') and, stranger still, whether I had any talents.

Maree's right when she says it sounds like I was in a beauty pageant.

Anyway, I now have some of those cousins on MSN, and we talk sometimes. They like to ask me the same questions, like what my life here is like.

Just yesterday my cousin asked me how I was, and to describe Australia.

'What is it like? I want to go there one day. And see Hillsong.' (did I tell you that Filipinos are religious fanatics?)

I told her about my little church and how I wasn't really all that religious and how I loved living here. I told her about my university and directed her to my university's web page and basically gave her a virtual tour.

She didn't say much, and when I finished she said to me,

'ok, cool. So, how much do you know about God?'

It was then that I realised that, perhaps, just maybe, my conversational skills were amiss.

Supanova Day 1

So here I am updating, even though I’m a bit tired, I’ll update to tell you how my day went.

Woke up at 4.30, did all the normal things.

At 7.35 I got to Supanova venue, at the RNA showgrounds.

Volunteers got in at like 8 and this was the crowd at like 8.15.

After that, we got our badges and shirts and at the opening of doors, I was handing out show bags to people coming in. Complete with some comic shops vouchers, booklet of the venue and a little timetable. Here are some pictures that I got.

After my first job was done at 11.45 I had to wait till I could go to my next job which was the Madman National Cosplay Championship, here are some pix and I’ll post some of the video I took up on youtube (jt0asn) sorry for the quality but I didn’t bring my camera so it was just on my phone.

After that, I was sent back to volunteers place and I was sent to look after the lines of Adam Busch and Amber Benson, they’re great!

At that time, I walked past the ‘Ace Comics and Games’ little stall that they had up there. Jhonen Vasquez was there signing some stuff, this is a pic I got.

I was kinds upset for a while, cause I bought a comic to get one of those cards so I could get his autograph, but I had to go to Adam and Amber, but they’re really down to earth, and really nice to all their fans, their fans were really happy and not a bad group of people.

Sitting next to us was Hayden Panettiere; I don’t know if you know her, she’s the cheerleader from Heroes.

I kept forgetting, don’t get me started.

At this time, I turned around for one second, turn back and there he is.

Jhonen Vasquez.... going to the green room.

I gaped there for a couple of seconds, and I felt so embarrassed that I felt my cheeks turning red, because I actually GAPED, like a stupid little fangirl.

At the end of the day, when Adam and Amber were done (5.30) I walked past the stand, and he was gone, then I decided to walk around the RNA and see if there was anything that I wanted to buy, unfortunately I was short on cash and I forgot my card. So I couldn’t buy anything, by that time too it was 5.45 so I went back to BASE camp.

Lauren was there; a bit tired but she was hanging in there.

I told her about my little run in and not getting my autograph with Vasquez and she was kind enough to give me the job tomorrow of taking care of his autograph line. After which I’ll be able to go up and ask for an autograph.

Which I’m very happy for, I don’t know what I should get him to autograph; a shirt, a book, a plush toy... I dunno!?

I’ll have a bit of time to think about it. I’m excited though. Toni, if you want me to get a pic or an autograph, come tommorow or send me a msg.


You know that thing, when you see someone you kinda never liked, and you pretend to be nice, and while you do that smile, wave and 'hi', you TRIP over your own feet?

Yeh I have the tendency to do that. Trip over my own feet, nothingness, the pavement, a particularly tall piece of grass (etc. etc.) when I see someone I know but never liked, and because I want to show them how I'm so much better than them because I'm skinner/taller/have better clothes (etc. etc.), I trip.

It's actually very embarrassing. So much for my own little confident booster hey? Confident level just went down from 100% to 0%... confident levels, Statistics... yeh, I hate psyc1040 and psyc2010. Random stats facts get stuck in my head.

Do you know that you're not suppose to let a kid under 2 years old watch cartoons? Because they'll develop ADHD. I didn't know that.

And do you know how you cure phobias? You keep them exposed to the thing and hope they'll inhibit and get over it. My psyc2030 tutor has to collect cockroaches because her client has a cockroach phobia. The last stage of the treatment is apparently, making cockroaches crawl all over her... GROSS.

Anyway, I have to go get some late lunch, before I get ready for work T__T I hate work. I hate working, I need to study for the goddamn socy exam...

Well, salut.

Ah, life.

I'm enjoying mine right now. And sometimes little things on the backs of bus seats and on lecture slides just make your day that little bit brighter.

Images Refused.

Were it not for the refusal of acceptance, these images may have been brought to you, our loyal viewers, sooner. Pastry has become our friend.