I am the meanest sister ever.

My sister's pretty easily confused -- and sometimes I like to add to it. Good Friday is this week and I was asking my sister all sorts of questions about when the official mass for it at her school is. (She said it wasn't until next week -- which is very odd.)

I then moved on to ask general religious questions.

'Johanna,' I asked, 'When's Christmas?' (with an emphasis on the 'mas(s)')
'It's ... at Christmas.'
'Yeah, but when's the MASS for it. You know, Christ, Mass, a mass in celebration of the coming of Christ.'
'At Christmas... on the 25th.'
'Of what? Oh, yeah, April, hey.'
'Um... yeah, I think so. Sometime next term.'

Like I said, I'm the meanest sister ever.


Anonymous said...

lols... your hilarious.

Queen Anne said...

I blame Chris for this transformation to evil doing!

-not really. I'm sure jelly needs to get her kicks some how.