I’ve found my calling.

I recently changed my Facebook language to English (Pirate). I feel all the more happier for it.


Being a Pirate – Capt’n Jelly! – has suited me more’n anything!

Also, also, also. I made a new friend the other day. I shall call him Matey.


I also really like the way it refers to my profile as my ‘litany’.

[ Main Entry: lit·a·ny ]  [Pronunciation: \ˈli-tə-nē, ˈlit-nē\ ]   [ Function: noun ]

Date: 13th century

1 : a prayer consisting of a series of invocations and supplications by the leader with alternate responses by the congregation
2 a : a resonant or repetitive chant <a litany of cheering phrases — Herman Wouk> b : a usually lengthy recitation or enumeration <a familiar litany of complaints> c : a sizable series or set <a litany of problems>

The cutest conversations.

This evening:
Me: "Isn't [Wink Murderer] that the game where you have a detective who tries to figure out who's killing everyone?"

My bother: "Yep! And I killed EVERYONE! And then my friend winked at me and I died, and then I remembered he wasn't the murderer because I was."
I posted that on Facebook and my friend Samurai (bahaha) posted the following comment:
"LOL doesn't that mean he was already dead before he winked at you? HAHAHAHA"

And earlier this afternoon:
My brother: "Which came first, Ate Janelle? The chicken, the egg, or the hen?"

I would like to take this time to say my brother Josh is awesome. The other day he was playing with Bicycle helmets, when he realised he would have more fun playing dress-up. Hollows from Bleach FTW!

Bleach09_096 mm 088

My brother is awesome.

(For the record, the Bleach image was from http://www.bleachforums.com/showthread.php?t=30038 and highly likely a screen shot from the anime, Bleach. I do not, in any way, own it. Just thought I’d let you know.)

Strategy, Surgergy, Politics, War Wounds

201th post and some awesome pictures from le iPhone.

Mango smoothie <3

Milk bar lamps.

Vote CHANGE or Toni'll rawr at you.

Distance travelled must be documented.

Hazelnut & Chocolate cake.

A day can never end without some ice cream (or Italian Hot Chocolate in my case).

Or vote for the shadow ninja... seriously though, CHANGE > FRESH.


was totallly AWESOME!!!

spent so much money....T-T but it was soo worth it...
got to listen to Yahtzee...the dude that does zero punctuation :P
ahh hilarious :P

bought a Ichigo plush and Kon plush and a book called "sense and sensibility and sea monsters" :P
also i bought cat ears...yes...i know i rule :P

quite sad i didnt bring my camera...=[ forgot to put it in my bag but ahh well...

but anyway....my day was awesome..i would have to say one of the best bits was when i saw a guy dressed up as Princess Leia when she was captured and chained up to Jabba the Hut...ahhh twas hilarious :P

meow meow. =]

funniest adds

Alright, so I just love these adds because they really make me smile on the inside, and on the outside.
Add your own favs too!
Telstra- Social Networking


this one's an old one

Snickers- I think it's the nuts

I like this one too, even if it wasn't real.
Invade New Zealand

And who doesn't want to watch a guy beat himself up?
Pepsi Max

I'm not sure, if it's just Australian adds that are funny... discuss.

Toliet humour

I find small things... like people writing on toliet doors/walls funny.

RE: Quotable SMSes

Although sometimes I say something that surprises me.

Wednesday In Truth.

Quotable SMSes

Yesterday, Chris and I visited JT at work. May said she might come visit. Then Maree joined, and I didn't even know she was coming. It's not the most normal place for socialising, but I had fun.

"Lol. Ok funniest thing! I got out of the house and one of the workers next door, this big guy covered in dirt, was struggling to put his bendy straw into his popper.”

"LOL. You must be pro after all the poppers you had yesterday."

"Lol. And then as we went down i saw the other worker opening his lunch for his sandwiches."

"Hahahaha. I wonder if they packed their own lunches. I miss having a lunchbox."

"Their mrs probably packed them when they were packing their kids' lunch."

"Sexist. But that's cute hahaha. My mum packs my dad's lunch actually. Lolll."

"lol. If guys did it, they'd forget to cut the crust off. females can multi-task."

And I think about three days ago, Dana was smsing me about her boss, 'Princess', whose parents are setting him (yes, him) up with an Indian lady. I wanted to know if she was a family friend or a random. Here is her reply.

"Oh lol she's a complete random (going on our conversation about Princess' bride-to-be). She's apparently divorced and just saw a picture, she's alright looks scary though.

"She has a weird love for candles, in all her shots she has at least two candles in the picture."

"Hahaha. That's odd. So, just one in a line?" (I actually meant was it just one girl in a line, or did he have to choose from a list of girls. She thought I meant candles.)

"No, they're all placed in different places in the shot, it's almost like Where's Wally for candles."


And Tiffany yesterday:

"You're at uni?"


"Figured. Going to garbo, get groceries and cooking lunch for tomorrow."

"Oooh. JT was at Garbo today. What's lunch for tomorrow?"

"I don't know yet. Haven't decided. The 109 just left Mater. Was slightly tempted to get on it."

"Oooh. Aww. Alright."

"Actually I won't cook. Get daddy to make me something instead."

"Oooooh. Ok."

"I'll decide what to do when I get to Garbo. Look at cook books at Borders."

"Alright. Ooooooh!"

"Why do you ooh so much? I feel like a circus freak coz it's like some deformity you're oohing at."




I mean if your boyfriend said to you lets hold off on you meeting my parents what the hell would you think? Forgive me but I'm a bit like OK what? Like you meet mine, stayed at my house and oh date me but your not sure your parents are ready to meet me? What are they gonna do have a heart attack and die?

Just kind of cut at the moment. Really I get their catholic and don't like I'm atheist and probably will hate my tattoos but I'm a bit lost at the whole hold of for a couple of months? Is that a guy thing? Or like am I the dirty secret?



Tonight's Options.

So now you finally know …

… you control where you go, you can steer.

Sometimes I just love waking up in my room, greeted by paintings and postcards and siblings hiding from each other under blankets and tables.

‘Three, two, one! Ready or not, here I come!’

I don’t know what it is, but I love that declaration. It doesn’t explicitly say whether the hider or the seeker is ready, and, shit, if it isn’t true about everyone and everything in life, I don’t know what is.

Maybe it’s the feeling of a second graduation. All this talk about QCS from the current Year 12 students, and the knowledge that I say goodbye to Engineering and begin afresh in Law next year. That feeling of liberation, of knowing I’m not lying to myself, doing something others pressed onto me. That I can finally wake up in the morning and not have to tell myself, ‘I can do this’, and think, ‘I love my life’.

Or maybe it’s that feeling of – for once – not having to worry about grades, assignments or exams. This is my first stress-free September, and I like it.

Hello world. Ready or not, here I come.

Multicultural Fiesta 397

I think kids in general are just awesome.

Invisible-men and Colour-filters

Colour My World

Today I was a photographer.

Multicultural Fiesta 080 Multicultural Fiesta 047 Multicultural Fiesta 267 Multicultural Fiesta 275Multicultural Fiesta 304 Multicultural Fiesta 129

I love my community. It’s full of such an awesome variety of people.

Internal Dialogue

Admit it. You all have one. You know, that voice in your head that sometimes says things differently to what comes out in reality. Or simply isn't said at all.

Mine often likes to say 'WTF!' (it sounds like wuh-tuh-fuh! Oxhorn style, or wut-dee-fook) to me, especially when the real me has gone and done something stupid. Like the time I went to go find a plastic bag, and found myself in the bathroom getting toilet paper. The voice in my head said something that sounded very much like this: WTF, BRAIN!

If you've heard that before, it's because I tweet and sit on Facebook more often than anyone cares to know -- and now I see you do too.

Another example was in text messages yesterday.

Friend: "Glad ur nearly home. My gosh i havent been on y. answers all day."

Me: "Haha. Wow. Achievement? I could've been home ages ago, I just felt like preambulating. tis nice and breezy. LOL wow found a box of bananas. Says 'Lady Fingers. Don't go brown in fruit salad.'"

Friend: "Prembulating? Sounds like something ud read in a porn fic."

Mental voice: LOL. What kinda porn fics do YOU read?

Real voice: "EWWWWW. Maree taught it to me. Something to do with walking. ...To preambulate means to walk, though! Or something."

I realise this is a completely pointless question, but I'm curious. I can't be the only one who does this -- so, give me your examples, and let me take comfort in not being alone.

Updating You All On My Life- RANDOMLY-

Unsure of what to say.
Definitely don't know what to do
Who are you?

I'm a bit lost at the moment. I'm enjoying the bright moments and the dull ones equally. No that's a lie. I'm in love with pancake manor, jellybeans and skipping class. (Though I have to stop next week. Assessments are due again so its time to pay attention for a little bit)

On another note I'm now working Monday, Wednesday and Fridays every week til next February so please remember I am not available so I will not twitter, reply to texts or pick up my phone. Urgent matters can be emailed to my work email address which will be provided upon request.

On another note I am addicted to fish world and farm ville. I like my new tools of distraction. Also like Matt. But that's cause hes an idiot and he makes me giggle like a five year old. And looks smoking hot in a navy jumper.

I also find it funny how in life the people that were so important are so trivial now. And the people that broke your heart are someone you laugh at. Maybe that makes me mean but trust me when I say my ex got what was coming to him. Or shortly will.

Anyways that was not meant threateningly. I don't pay more than a fleeting spec of attention to him. Mainly cause I'm too caught up in the moment but sometimes late at night when I'm a little too reflective its nice to surf his facebook note he is still single and now going to the gym too lose those excess kilos.

I'm a bitch. I know. But really you love me even when I'm calling you fat. You're just all jealous you didn't have the guts to say it!

I'm also bailing on River fire for the second year in a row. Matt and I are doing a nice dinner, ALONE, on Saturday night. It seems we run into people a lot when we go out. So I'm booking a nice restaurant and buying a bottle of red wine [SOMEONE REMIND ME TO GET RED WINE] and spending Saturday night with him. I think its time we stop randomly fucking around. Not that I don't want to see him its more that we both work and when you throw uni and friends in we never quiet get around to seeing each other alone. So dinner is penned in so I am unavailable basically til lunch time Sunday.

OH I have a lunch date on Sunday too. Looks like I'm pretty booked actually.Damn.

Oh well

I hope your life is filled with joyful moments that contain debates about abortion drugs, coffee machine using when attempting to buy water [which it doesnt sell], pancakes, website designing and farm ville.

May you live and prosper


PS: I am getting my next tattoo hopefully on Tuesday [need to book] (Tiffany you still wanna get your butterfly?)

Right, well

Toph has been demanding photos of my room – most likely because he isn’t allowed in it. Which is perfectly understandable. I only let the coolest of the cool in my room! (I kid. Although Queen Anne once snuck in at around 11pm while the rest of the gang stood outside and my parents slept. It was a very, very covert operation, after which she did a dance, a sort of ‘I did it!’ jig, before running back out again, saying she was scared shitless.)

So, here they are.

Room 036Shrunk Room 018ShrunkRoom 043ShrunkDoor 001Censored

Photos of the BACK of my door will be withheld, because I can’t be bothered censoring envelopes with mine and Toni’s address on them. You see, I don’t have posters. Just postcards and envelopes, and bits and pieces from sketchbooks. And the QCS Stimulus sheet, as seen above my whiteboard.

For anyone who pays very close attention to detail – as I tend not to – you’ll notice a website open on my desktop with a picture of bottles of waterman ink. I’ve recently really gotten into fountain pens, and have a small collection of inks myself: Pelikan Purple, Lamy Black, Noodler’s Widowmaker (a gorgeous red) and Waterman Green. Tomorrow I go on a quest to find myself some Waterman Blue-Black.

Room 032

I told you it was a gorgeous red.

(Also, NEIL GAIMAN WRITES WITH FOUNTAIN PENS. He mentioned blue-black ink in Smoke and Mirrors, and I had to go Googling. Apparently he writes with a Lamy 2000. That, or a Waterman “52”.)

My Favourite Place [Jell's Challenge]

If you know me well and can see through the BAM!-effects, you may recognise this place.

Dumb F*** Moments

At the moment I am trying to log on to work. Mainly cause I forgot my time sheet and I do like getting paid. I have loads of bills and other things to, well, pay myself.

I am about to start studying again too. Think I'll clean my room [again] and shower then curl up with some chocolate and my textbook.

Also does anyone else think that Friday's normally result in no work? Like I got stuff done but feel... I don't know, unaccomplished

Oh I got to be someones passport person today! So that was cool

And yeah not much else. really avoiding study

Oh god one last thing;

Angelica: Liz can you process this cheque?
Liz: Sure, sure throw it on my desk
Liz picks up cheque and throws into the jumbled up pile of already processed cheques sitting on her desk
Randomly looks around
Liz: Angelica... where is the cheque?

One of those mortifying OMG I'm a dumb fuck moments


P.S: I will stop swearing I swear
P.S.S: ALSO someone be a dear and text me to pack my calculator for my exam tomorrow

You will not be able to un-see this. [Personality- for those who only see a car]

Open Poll: What vocal noise are you imagining this thing making?

She's awesome...

...for a million reasons, and this is just one of them.

Me: 'I was wearing odd socks yesterday. I usually wear odd socks, or my brother's socks. Today I'm wearing my sister's.'

Jae Tee: 'Are they pink?'

Me: 'Look! They're grey and purple with pink stripes on them!'

Jae Tee: 'Hmm. You know what I've always wondered? Those business people in the city dressed so seriously in their suits with places to go. I've always wanted to know what socks they wear -- because you never know. Underneath all that gear, they could be mismatched or polka-dotted. I've always wondered.'*

*or words to that effect.

In other news, my laptop has been confiscated, which means fewer posts from yours truly (I'm currently posting this from my mobile). Don't forget to feed Monkey Socks, guys!

(What can I say? It takes a LOT to get me down!)

Examing, Webbing, Working, Dating, Dieting, Walking & Swearing Goals.

At the present time I am glancing, and I say this without real truth, at my financial accounting exam notes. I did them today for my exam at 8am Saturday morning. Sad thing is I am working 7 til 6 tomorrow. I have a mound of work there and I have bailed on every accounting lecture since week 2. I shall say this to defend myself. I can sleep on the fucking bus without having someone poke me awake when I do thank you very much. Its not my fault the lectures are about things that no normal person cares about. And you can say I choose the degree. Yeah I did. It helps me get somewhere else. Its not actually knowledge I'll apply when I go do my law degree with background knowledge as a business analyst.

I am also exhausted. But I did see some cute wildlife today. A possum that came up right near me. A bird that narrowly missed my eye [I noticed it as it flew into my face] and a funny little thing on the footpath on the way home that I swear was a rat.

I am going back to my study now. I really need to recordmy notes. Also need to clean my room, shower and eat dinner. Probably in that order. Cause as soon as I am done I am sleeping. I need to get to work as early as possible to finish some shit off. I guarantee everything I knocked off my list last night will now be replaced

Wish me luck. I will not be blogging come Friday night. But most probably will come Saturday as I web it. As my website is fucked in Firefox and it has to work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. And deleting my sidebar was not as brilliant as I thought. Looks like we need it in there. And I bet the Web Dudes knew my site wouldn't work with both in there even though my HTML and CSS works in it. Fuckers just want me to fail.

Finally had a great lunch with idiot boy. You are my property. Ha Ha Ha

P.S. I am working on not swearing and walking in the mornings. Winter came and my waistline grew as I put on 5 kilos. Trust me my stomach shows every fucking bit
P.S.S. No swearing is starting on Monday due to assessment commitments and work.

Three Fo[u]r Tiff-five-knee

... no evil.

And... something entirely unrelated.