Study + Lost Go Card + Assignments - Motivation = Nothing Done

So I planned to study today. Yet I have sat on facebook, laid on the couch listening to my mother talk to someone at work [which really she should be at. This working from home thing is bullshit. I don't like it. I want my day alone where I crawl out of bed at 12 and listen to loud music (That my neighbours can hear) and realize oh god I "missed" my bus and consequently 2 out of 3 classes at 2pm. Really she's just doing it to upset me!]

Anyway. Back to study. My notes consist [so far of lecturer headings. I will fill each heading in once I finish blogging, and have breakfast and shower and oh find some motivation] {Besides the exam is 8am on Saturday I have loads of unavailable time! ;) }

BUT you should be proud. I have completed 2 out of 4 assignments. And 3/4 of a third. Which really its incompleteness is all due to FireFox not liking my VALIDATED CSS. Really if W3C says its perfect why the fuck does FireFox hate it so? [Anyone good at html and CSS call me URGENTLY] (Actually Google tell me its cause Internet Explorer does not use supported HTML. Which sucks. I am really hoping my tutor marks it in Internet Explorer so, I don't know, PASS)

But I am going in to see my tutor who I haven't seen since week 3 and now its week 6. [He thinks I am some stupid blonde! BUT when he sees my website, that Nataasha helped me build ha ha, he will be amazed. [and probably ask me questions that I don't know the answer too]

I aim to finish my notes and my Quiz for another subject before I go. Then I'll fix my web in the tutorial and finish the report on it while there and then my third assessment will be done. I'll study all day Thursday and will be all cool for my first exam. Must go find out when the other 3 are. Rude of them not to email me. [But they probably did. I hate the new @connect emails. Mainly cause they boot me from bloody hotmail. And who the hell remembers the new email address?

I also realize that this is very random. I blame lack of decent sleep, lack of food, lack of caring and amongst other things lack of sanity.


PS: The Go Card Helpline guy thinks I'm stupid. Really common sense is the following:

If I lost Go Card 1 and you transferred the funds to Go Card 2 there would be no funds on Go Card 1. Consequently Go Card 2 would have Go Card 1's funds. So when Go Card 2 disappeared somewhere in my room you would transfer the money from Go Card 2 to Go Card 3 as Go Card 1 has no funds as they were moved to Go Card 2. Somehow though Translink decided to give me "money" that wasn't there from Go Card 1. And rip me off by 40 bucks in the process.

Now I have to wait an extra 10 days for the correct amount to be moved from Go Card 2 to Go Card 3 whilst some poor guy thinks I'm nuts. But really common sense is. If there is no money there is no money to give me CORRECT? And he really should work on not sighing at customers on the phone! I was tempted to hang up but the 80 loss would make me cry.


littel-philow-cat said...

Oh my dear Princess. You make me laugh.

I've had some experience in HTML and CSS if that helps. Not very extensive experience, but some nonetheless.

Good luck with everything!

And LOL.

The Go Card man. 'Don't ask me, I just work here man.'

Sorry. Just listened to Gotye - Thanks For Your Time.

Anonymous said...

I was like your thanking me for being a random ranter? Ok then

Lol Im going in to uni in about half an hour to get help so should be good