201th post and some awesome pictures from le iPhone.

Mango smoothie <3

Milk bar lamps.

Vote CHANGE or Toni'll rawr at you.

Distance travelled must be documented.

Hazelnut & Chocolate cake.

A day can never end without some ice cream (or Italian Hot Chocolate in my case).

Or vote for the shadow ninja... seriously though, CHANGE > FRESH.


Topher said...

car is already at 8200km

I filled it up today, was going to charge it to the credit card, but felt bad :P

:) photos bring back memories! I will go to the milk bar in my leather jacket, listening to grease.

littel-philow-cat said...


Yay Tiffi. I like your photos.

And the iPhone gang strike again.

Queen of Anne said...

Bwaha, hilarious. Damn right I'll rawr. But campaigning makes me sad so i'mma going to curl u in an unmotivated ball...