Examing, Webbing, Working, Dating, Dieting, Walking & Swearing Goals.

At the present time I am glancing, and I say this without real truth, at my financial accounting exam notes. I did them today for my exam at 8am Saturday morning. Sad thing is I am working 7 til 6 tomorrow. I have a mound of work there and I have bailed on every accounting lecture since week 2. I shall say this to defend myself. I can sleep on the fucking bus without having someone poke me awake when I do thank you very much. Its not my fault the lectures are about things that no normal person cares about. And you can say I choose the degree. Yeah I did. It helps me get somewhere else. Its not actually knowledge I'll apply when I go do my law degree with background knowledge as a business analyst.

I am also exhausted. But I did see some cute wildlife today. A possum that came up right near me. A bird that narrowly missed my eye [I noticed it as it flew into my face] and a funny little thing on the footpath on the way home that I swear was a rat.

I am going back to my study now. I really need to recordmy notes. Also need to clean my room, shower and eat dinner. Probably in that order. Cause as soon as I am done I am sleeping. I need to get to work as early as possible to finish some shit off. I guarantee everything I knocked off my list last night will now be replaced

Wish me luck. I will not be blogging come Friday night. But most probably will come Saturday as I web it. As my website is fucked in Firefox and it has to work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. And deleting my sidebar was not as brilliant as I thought. Looks like we need it in there. And I bet the Web Dudes knew my site wouldn't work with both in there even though my HTML and CSS works in it. Fuckers just want me to fail.

Finally had a great lunch with idiot boy. You are my property. Ha Ha Ha

P.S. I am working on not swearing and walking in the mornings. Winter came and my waistline grew as I put on 5 kilos. Trust me my stomach shows every fucking bit
P.S.S. No swearing is starting on Monday due to assessment commitments and work.


littel-philow-cat said...

'and a funny little thing on the footpath on the way home that I swear was a rat'.

Oh, Princess dear, I do love you and your hilarity. LOL.

Idiot boy? Oi. Tell, tell, tell!

And good luck with that silly assignment of yours! See you in Law, perhaps! XP

Anonymous said...

LOL I am odd I know. Idiot boy is a guy Im kind of seeing. I kept calling him an idiot so it stuck

Lol yeah well this weekend gonna knock my last two over after exam. then im finished for a bit in two weeks.