Internal Dialogue

Admit it. You all have one. You know, that voice in your head that sometimes says things differently to what comes out in reality. Or simply isn't said at all.

Mine often likes to say 'WTF!' (it sounds like wuh-tuh-fuh! Oxhorn style, or wut-dee-fook) to me, especially when the real me has gone and done something stupid. Like the time I went to go find a plastic bag, and found myself in the bathroom getting toilet paper. The voice in my head said something that sounded very much like this: WTF, BRAIN!

If you've heard that before, it's because I tweet and sit on Facebook more often than anyone cares to know -- and now I see you do too.

Another example was in text messages yesterday.

Friend: "Glad ur nearly home. My gosh i havent been on y. answers all day."

Me: "Haha. Wow. Achievement? I could've been home ages ago, I just felt like preambulating. tis nice and breezy. LOL wow found a box of bananas. Says 'Lady Fingers. Don't go brown in fruit salad.'"

Friend: "Prembulating? Sounds like something ud read in a porn fic."

Mental voice: LOL. What kinda porn fics do YOU read?

Real voice: "EWWWWW. Maree taught it to me. Something to do with walking. ...To preambulate means to walk, though! Or something."

I realise this is a completely pointless question, but I'm curious. I can't be the only one who does this -- so, give me your examples, and let me take comfort in not being alone.


Queen Anne said...

My internal dialogue is constant. So much so that I don't have a lot of external dialogue
ID: "That looks like...
oh hey, it's [that person].
Hmm, am I sure its that person?
Are we on speaking terms?
[that person] just went past... maybe I should have said hello. There was an awful lot of eye-contact...
Was it definitely [that person]?
Ahhhh unintentional snub?"
-social regret coupled with the knowledge that someone just got a whole bunch of squint eye.

littel-philow-cat said...

Lol, I get that a lot. I spent a lot of time eyeing a look-a-like of our Physics teacher in the food court yesterday while I was at work. I kept looking away, then looking back again, thinking, holy crap. It could so be him. Except it wasn't, unless he'd decided to really let go with his beard and all.

Antonia said...

Daly with a beard? ... he did have one going. Old man scruff.

also please invite my gmail...