Quotable SMSes

Yesterday, Chris and I visited JT at work. May said she might come visit. Then Maree joined, and I didn't even know she was coming. It's not the most normal place for socialising, but I had fun.

"Lol. Ok funniest thing! I got out of the house and one of the workers next door, this big guy covered in dirt, was struggling to put his bendy straw into his popper.”

"LOL. You must be pro after all the poppers you had yesterday."

"Lol. And then as we went down i saw the other worker opening his lunch for his sandwiches."

"Hahahaha. I wonder if they packed their own lunches. I miss having a lunchbox."

"Their mrs probably packed them when they were packing their kids' lunch."

"Sexist. But that's cute hahaha. My mum packs my dad's lunch actually. Lolll."

"lol. If guys did it, they'd forget to cut the crust off. females can multi-task."

And I think about three days ago, Dana was smsing me about her boss, 'Princess', whose parents are setting him (yes, him) up with an Indian lady. I wanted to know if she was a family friend or a random. Here is her reply.

"Oh lol she's a complete random (going on our conversation about Princess' bride-to-be). She's apparently divorced and just saw a picture, she's alright looks scary though.

"She has a weird love for candles, in all her shots she has at least two candles in the picture."

"Hahaha. That's odd. So, just one in a line?" (I actually meant was it just one girl in a line, or did he have to choose from a list of girls. She thought I meant candles.)

"No, they're all placed in different places in the shot, it's almost like Where's Wally for candles."


And Tiffany yesterday:

"You're at uni?"


"Figured. Going to garbo, get groceries and cooking lunch for tomorrow."

"Oooh. JT was at Garbo today. What's lunch for tomorrow?"

"I don't know yet. Haven't decided. The 109 just left Mater. Was slightly tempted to get on it."

"Oooh. Aww. Alright."

"Actually I won't cook. Get daddy to make me something instead."

"Oooooh. Ok."

"I'll decide what to do when I get to Garbo. Look at cook books at Borders."

"Alright. Ooooooh!"

"Why do you ooh so much? I feel like a circus freak coz it's like some deformity you're oohing at."



Queen of Anne said...

... to get messages I must text myself, for my friends are routinely cheap with their credit.

littel-philow-cat said...

Hey, of the people I quoted, only ONE was on VirginMobile. :D