Right, well

Toph has been demanding photos of my room – most likely because he isn’t allowed in it. Which is perfectly understandable. I only let the coolest of the cool in my room! (I kid. Although Queen Anne once snuck in at around 11pm while the rest of the gang stood outside and my parents slept. It was a very, very covert operation, after which she did a dance, a sort of ‘I did it!’ jig, before running back out again, saying she was scared shitless.)

So, here they are.

Room 036Shrunk Room 018ShrunkRoom 043ShrunkDoor 001Censored

Photos of the BACK of my door will be withheld, because I can’t be bothered censoring envelopes with mine and Toni’s address on them. You see, I don’t have posters. Just postcards and envelopes, and bits and pieces from sketchbooks. And the QCS Stimulus sheet, as seen above my whiteboard.

For anyone who pays very close attention to detail – as I tend not to – you’ll notice a website open on my desktop with a picture of bottles of waterman ink. I’ve recently really gotten into fountain pens, and have a small collection of inks myself: Pelikan Purple, Lamy Black, Noodler’s Widowmaker (a gorgeous red) and Waterman Green. Tomorrow I go on a quest to find myself some Waterman Blue-Black.

Room 032

I told you it was a gorgeous red.

(Also, NEIL GAIMAN WRITES WITH FOUNTAIN PENS. He mentioned blue-black ink in Smoke and Mirrors, and I had to go Googling. Apparently he writes with a Lamy 2000. That, or a Waterman “52”.)


Anonymous said...

Oh pretty. I like the whiteboard. I want one but my folks just painted and were like no no no. Arg

I should do a photo blog

littel-philow-cat said...

I would love a photo blog from you! But I currently love the way you write right now. :)