funniest adds

Alright, so I just love these adds because they really make me smile on the inside, and on the outside.
Add your own favs too!
Telstra- Social Networking


this one's an old one

Snickers- I think it's the nuts

I like this one too, even if it wasn't real.
Invade New Zealand

And who doesn't want to watch a guy beat himself up?
Pepsi Max

I'm not sure, if it's just Australian adds that are funny... discuss.


Queen of Anne said...

<3 Eh - hee early night amusement.

littel-philow-cat said...

I wish I could watch those, but my internet is so unbearably slow. But remembering the Telstra Bigpond ad ('[the great wall?] It's to keep the rabbits out') makes me smile, on the inside, and on the outside, as you put it =P.

And I LOVEEEEE the ad they made for Gruen Transfer about New Zealand. Aaaaaah. Lol.