Just a wish

I wish we didn't have exams. I wish we could go back to the old days when you didn't even need a degree to go off and be engineers and scientists. I wish we could go back to the old days for many reasons actually. Maybe I'm just living in Pride and Prejudice or some old romance novel but I want to be wooed. Is that too much to ask? I want to go to fancy balls and dance and have just holding hands to be the most amazing thing in the world. I wish I wasn't a girl sometimes, which defeats the purpose of the Pride and Prejudice life I want but still, I don't want these emotions, these time of the month things, these insecurities. That's another reason to go back to the old days. What we would consider overweightish was actually normal and very healthy and looked upon nicely as it meant you could have many children (another reason I don't want to be a girl - keep the pregnancy away from me). Would you blame boys for these insecurities? Magazines? Boys dont want to blame boys. Boys don't want to take the blame for anything. It's all our fault cos we have emotions in the first place. Many swear words to you boys. That's my new saying. Stops me getting in trouble with my parents if I just say "Many swear words" as opposed to "Shit Bugger Crap". I often find myself having to bite my lip from screaming "You piece of shit" at my computer, phone, exams etc.
Hydrology can go jump by the way. Also soil mechanics. I'm sure Nish will agree with me here. Is Nish subscribed to this blog? If he is, Nish we haven't spoken in a while. Sup Matey?
My highlighter doesn't have a lid on it, its probably drying out but I say go jump highlighter.
My sister's friend Cameron who took her snake Spot can no longer look after her so we are obtaining a new yet old member to the family. I like snakes. Compared to spiders anyway. Aggie keeps attacking the snakes around our house. She is quite smart about it actually, she just picks them up and whips them around to hit them on an object (last time I heard it was the garage wall). It kills 'em quick. Although I do fear one day the snake will fight back and bye bye Aggie. God I wouldn't get out of bed for days if I lost that dog. You know I was thinking about a car accident the other day and like I was just picturing us (Wade and I - I was driving) getting side swiped and flipping over a few times. We were both fine. Then I added Aggie to the picture and I almost cried. Cos she wouldn't be fine.
This is complete and utter rambling I know but I'm upset and need to ramble.
I have a fear of sharks, does anyone else? Wade laughed at me because his family goes water skiing and I want to go but as he said, I'm not scared of falling off and hurting myself or breaking an arm (which is quite possible, it's pretty dangerous). No, I'm scared of the bit after the fall when I'm sitting in open water with bull sharks somewhere beneath me.
Anyway, I just wish more than anything I have ever wished for, that I could be void of emotions. Or more the bad emotions. I'll accept love and happiness. I don't want the bad bits: anger, sadness, the overwhelming need to ball my eyes out. I also wish my sister would come home. I want my best friend back. I want to just say lets go to the gold coast for one night, and go do it or just sit around watching Father Ted and eating junk.
Actually, more than anything right now, I don't want to be here anymore.

Surviving as a uni student, anyway I can

I love Facebook, really,

but sometimes I just don’t understand the applications.


What a strange application.


I believe Chris's dad's been outsmarted.

In other news, dinner was delicious and so was the dessert.

Dear Switzerland

I have decided to make my sister a video for Christmas. Let me know what you think!


A day in the life of an iPhone

Dear Monkey Socks,

Today, I went to the Apple store. I saw many fellow i-products, like iPhones, iPods, iPod Nanos, iPod Shuffles, iPod Videos and iTouches. Along with the i-family, I saw many Mac books, Mac book pros and Apple desktops. The store was white and it looked clean. I wish Tiffi took some photos, but I think she felt awkward if she took photos, I think she already felt like a tourist enough without taking crazy amount of photos. iFonzo was unfortunately not working at the time, or it was working but it was being inspected by a genius, so Chris didn't take any photos neither. Apple geniuses are called geniuses by their collegues, I was wowed!

Apart from the amazing home of apple products (only one in Queensland, until maybe next week when the one in Chermside open, I must visit that apple store too because... I'm an iPhone), Robina shopping centre is absolutely ridiculous. The bottom level's shape and the second level's shape is completely different. Tiffi and Chris stood at the directory for a good minute going WTF. The centre directory was awesome though, it was touch, and you type in what store you're looking for and it directs you with maps and pictures. However the touch interface was absolutely rubbish. So inferior compared to my touch interface, people squeak with pleasure when they touch my surface, but with the centre directory, they groan in disgust.

Monkey socks, I wish you were there. It would have been so much fun, but I'll take you next time. I promise.


Forever Yours

I feel I should probably contribute something to this blog (Toni i swear to god no comments from you) I can just hear it in my mind "about time" or something like that.
I think I have been reading MLIA too much because now every event that happens to me I tend to repeat it in my head as if i'm telling someone but it comes out like "Today...MLIA".
I find this kinda sad.
Today, my dog jumped up on my lap for a cuddle and then proceeded to throw up on my laptop. MLIA.
Today, I opened the cupboard to get the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner fell out and attacked me. MLIA
I have found there are incredibly boring MLIA's because and here is the irony, they are average....
My hand keeps getting stuck to the laptop because at one point I stuck a blank white label onto it so i could write on it but had to pull it off cos the dog threw up on my laptop. Now its left that sticky crap there.
I have applied for a fair amount of jobs and some of these I have already applied like 6 months ago at some businesses. I have not had a job since I applied, therefore, I have concluded I am less employable than before. I.Hate.The.Job.World.
Today I spoke to my childhood friend from New Zealand and discovered another childhood friend wants to be married (presumably to her current boyfriend) and pregnant by the time she is 23. She is 20, I have never been so weirded out. Its like how everyone my sisters age who she went to school with is married with kids. She is 24. I'm all up for the olden days (lol olden days) when people got married at 19 (like my mum) but she didn't have my sister until she was 27 I believe. Kids scream and throw up, why do people want them so early? They say fertility goes down as you get older so that just means you have less of a chance of having 6 kids when you are 30. Whats wrong with that, who wants 6 kids? Stop breeding so early people please.
Someone is sure to disagree with what I said above but i'm just writing away like mad so any opinion could jump into my mind.
Like Love, love is grand. Be in love people.
I discovered today Stewie has a friend called "Chris Drage". Freaky anyone?
Someone pay me to study, then it might become appealing.
The forever anti social so get stuffed, Sarah.






*At least, I was at the time these photos were taken.

In other news, my cousins (aged 5, 7 and 8) PWN me hardcore. Who needs Shakespeare to compare you to a summer’s day when you have cousins that rock.

Cousin1: “Your head is very round like a surf ball!

No. Wait.

Your head’s shaped like a bug.I don’t know why!

Your eyes are like a beetle’s.

And you have a moustache! It’s like a moon.

I know why you have one.

You have a friend that looks like a boy,

and you cutted his moustache off

and glued it to your face.

And your nose looks like Squidward’s.

And your mouth—“

Cousin2: “It looks like a Banana!”

Cousin1: “Yes! And your ears look like—“

Cousin2: “Apples!”

Cousin1: “No! Half an apples. And your head looks like a ball. And your eyebrows look like moustaches. And your eyelashes look like hairs on your toes. And that’s it!”

Maylene and I entertained them with song this afternoon.

“One, two, three, four, five – once I caught a fish alive! Six, seven, eight, nine, ten – then I let it go again.”

“Why did you let it go?”

“Because it bit my finger so!”

“Which finger did it bite?”

“This little finger on the right!”

I asked Zoe if she knew which finger that was.

“I know! It’s the pinky finger on THIS hand!” she said, waiving her right pinky.

Maylene, being the anatomy student, chipped in.

“It’s also called your fifth phlange!”

My family are cooler than your family, and that’s final.

I like details

I’ve found my calling.

I recently changed my Facebook language to English (Pirate). I feel all the more happier for it.


Being a Pirate – Capt’n Jelly! – has suited me more’n anything!

Also, also, also. I made a new friend the other day. I shall call him Matey.


I also really like the way it refers to my profile as my ‘litany’.

[ Main Entry: lit·a·ny ]  [Pronunciation: \ˈli-tə-nē, ˈlit-nē\ ]   [ Function: noun ]

Date: 13th century

1 : a prayer consisting of a series of invocations and supplications by the leader with alternate responses by the congregation
2 a : a resonant or repetitive chant <a litany of cheering phrases — Herman Wouk> b : a usually lengthy recitation or enumeration <a familiar litany of complaints> c : a sizable series or set <a litany of problems>

The cutest conversations.

This evening:
Me: "Isn't [Wink Murderer] that the game where you have a detective who tries to figure out who's killing everyone?"

My bother: "Yep! And I killed EVERYONE! And then my friend winked at me and I died, and then I remembered he wasn't the murderer because I was."
I posted that on Facebook and my friend Samurai (bahaha) posted the following comment:
"LOL doesn't that mean he was already dead before he winked at you? HAHAHAHA"

And earlier this afternoon:
My brother: "Which came first, Ate Janelle? The chicken, the egg, or the hen?"

I would like to take this time to say my brother Josh is awesome. The other day he was playing with Bicycle helmets, when he realised he would have more fun playing dress-up. Hollows from Bleach FTW!

Bleach09_096 mm 088

My brother is awesome.

(For the record, the Bleach image was from http://www.bleachforums.com/showthread.php?t=30038 and highly likely a screen shot from the anime, Bleach. I do not, in any way, own it. Just thought I’d let you know.)

Strategy, Surgergy, Politics, War Wounds

201th post and some awesome pictures from le iPhone.

Mango smoothie <3

Milk bar lamps.

Vote CHANGE or Toni'll rawr at you.

Distance travelled must be documented.

Hazelnut & Chocolate cake.

A day can never end without some ice cream (or Italian Hot Chocolate in my case).

Or vote for the shadow ninja... seriously though, CHANGE > FRESH.


was totallly AWESOME!!!

spent so much money....T-T but it was soo worth it...
got to listen to Yahtzee...the dude that does zero punctuation :P
ahh hilarious :P

bought a Ichigo plush and Kon plush and a book called "sense and sensibility and sea monsters" :P
also i bought cat ears...yes...i know i rule :P

quite sad i didnt bring my camera...=[ forgot to put it in my bag but ahh well...

but anyway....my day was awesome..i would have to say one of the best bits was when i saw a guy dressed up as Princess Leia when she was captured and chained up to Jabba the Hut...ahhh twas hilarious :P

meow meow. =]

funniest adds

Alright, so I just love these adds because they really make me smile on the inside, and on the outside.
Add your own favs too!
Telstra- Social Networking


this one's an old one

Snickers- I think it's the nuts

I like this one too, even if it wasn't real.
Invade New Zealand

And who doesn't want to watch a guy beat himself up?
Pepsi Max

I'm not sure, if it's just Australian adds that are funny... discuss.

Toliet humour

I find small things... like people writing on toliet doors/walls funny.

RE: Quotable SMSes

Although sometimes I say something that surprises me.

Wednesday In Truth.

Quotable SMSes

Yesterday, Chris and I visited JT at work. May said she might come visit. Then Maree joined, and I didn't even know she was coming. It's not the most normal place for socialising, but I had fun.

"Lol. Ok funniest thing! I got out of the house and one of the workers next door, this big guy covered in dirt, was struggling to put his bendy straw into his popper.”

"LOL. You must be pro after all the poppers you had yesterday."

"Lol. And then as we went down i saw the other worker opening his lunch for his sandwiches."

"Hahahaha. I wonder if they packed their own lunches. I miss having a lunchbox."

"Their mrs probably packed them when they were packing their kids' lunch."

"Sexist. But that's cute hahaha. My mum packs my dad's lunch actually. Lolll."

"lol. If guys did it, they'd forget to cut the crust off. females can multi-task."

And I think about three days ago, Dana was smsing me about her boss, 'Princess', whose parents are setting him (yes, him) up with an Indian lady. I wanted to know if she was a family friend or a random. Here is her reply.

"Oh lol she's a complete random (going on our conversation about Princess' bride-to-be). She's apparently divorced and just saw a picture, she's alright looks scary though.

"She has a weird love for candles, in all her shots she has at least two candles in the picture."

"Hahaha. That's odd. So, just one in a line?" (I actually meant was it just one girl in a line, or did he have to choose from a list of girls. She thought I meant candles.)

"No, they're all placed in different places in the shot, it's almost like Where's Wally for candles."


And Tiffany yesterday:

"You're at uni?"


"Figured. Going to garbo, get groceries and cooking lunch for tomorrow."

"Oooh. JT was at Garbo today. What's lunch for tomorrow?"

"I don't know yet. Haven't decided. The 109 just left Mater. Was slightly tempted to get on it."

"Oooh. Aww. Alright."

"Actually I won't cook. Get daddy to make me something instead."

"Oooooh. Ok."

"I'll decide what to do when I get to Garbo. Look at cook books at Borders."

"Alright. Ooooooh!"

"Why do you ooh so much? I feel like a circus freak coz it's like some deformity you're oohing at."




I mean if your boyfriend said to you lets hold off on you meeting my parents what the hell would you think? Forgive me but I'm a bit like OK what? Like you meet mine, stayed at my house and oh date me but your not sure your parents are ready to meet me? What are they gonna do have a heart attack and die?

Just kind of cut at the moment. Really I get their catholic and don't like I'm atheist and probably will hate my tattoos but I'm a bit lost at the whole hold of for a couple of months? Is that a guy thing? Or like am I the dirty secret?



Tonight's Options.

So now you finally know …

… you control where you go, you can steer.

Sometimes I just love waking up in my room, greeted by paintings and postcards and siblings hiding from each other under blankets and tables.

‘Three, two, one! Ready or not, here I come!’

I don’t know what it is, but I love that declaration. It doesn’t explicitly say whether the hider or the seeker is ready, and, shit, if it isn’t true about everyone and everything in life, I don’t know what is.

Maybe it’s the feeling of a second graduation. All this talk about QCS from the current Year 12 students, and the knowledge that I say goodbye to Engineering and begin afresh in Law next year. That feeling of liberation, of knowing I’m not lying to myself, doing something others pressed onto me. That I can finally wake up in the morning and not have to tell myself, ‘I can do this’, and think, ‘I love my life’.

Or maybe it’s that feeling of – for once – not having to worry about grades, assignments or exams. This is my first stress-free September, and I like it.

Hello world. Ready or not, here I come.

Multicultural Fiesta 397

I think kids in general are just awesome.

Invisible-men and Colour-filters