I believe Chris's dad's been outsmarted.

In other news, dinner was delicious and so was the dessert.


Topher said...

With no explanation that must look very odd :p Just two boys with a car jack.

Since mum and dad are away, Dad arranged the cars to make it so they were all undercover. I needed a car last night, for reasons which will remain... unknown.

the 4wd was sitting further back, behind the post. Making it impossible to just drive out. Dad Said to me "you won't get it out" ... so I saw it as a challenge.

I had seen him park the 4wd in there before, and he lifts up the back garage door, moves the front out and back and forth a few times till it is in position.

It's quite amazing really, because we tried this for a while and could not get it to work. Either the 4wd was too close to the wall or we couldn't drive it forward

We gave up, went upstairs to figure this out. We came downstairs later to try again, and I stumbled across a set of rollers with a timber top, sitting next to a jack. I think I screamed "HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT BASTARD!!" or words to that effect, "THIS IS HOW HE DOES IT!"

Once I saw the jack and the rollers, it all hit me at once. I figured him out. He jacks the car up and puts the rollers underneath the back wheels (they are used to move massive machines at his work, and they use probably 50 of them)and then swings the back of the car past the post. Really it is quite simple ...

I can't really complain about it though, If I had a son I can see myself doing something similar. Which will stop him from doing something, that he might need to do but in order to get this item, he will need to really think about how it is done.

I gloated a bit once I got the 4wd out and send him a scathing text message, informing him that his son has once again outwitted him.

I spoke to him this morning and he wasn't angry at all, I think he may have just been proud.