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Jelly and I are the only ones blogging. Shall I crease my blog entries?

Blah, my friend Kathleen sent me this pic, and it just made me laugh, so, so hard.

Another humorous blog entry bought to you by Tiffany & Co.

I just had the most hilarious conversation with an old friend.

I'd just gotten home, shown my brother a few magic tricks (Quantum tricks with straws) and had signed onto MSN. Tran here is a friend who does Radiology with my cousin.

Tran: hey man
Tran: saw u on bus today and i was like janelle! and u jst kept walking LOL
Janelle: omg, are you serious
Tran: i dont think i said ur name loudly enough tho, but I was like "janelle" ahaha
Janelle: i don't like looking at people on buses because I feel like they'll think I'm weird
Tran: yeahhh i know, neither
Tran: oh well thats ok, you probably didnt recognise me or soemthing. i got off at PA in blu shirt uniform

Tran: surprising, u actually saw me and b like yep some hospital chick. in fact i think i saw u twice. i saw u yesterday morn too but wasnt sure if it was u coz i was lookin down and only just like u jst sit down, so not sure

Janelle, you're an idiot.

A ghost lives here

I cleaned my room yesterday, now it's a mess again.

I am suspecting a ghost.

Or, it can be just me, dumping all the shopping bags and my book bags all over the floor and not cleaning it up.

Fine I admit it, I'm a pig, no, I'm a clean pig. I cleaned it yesterday.

I'm actually insulting myself by calling myself a pig, hmm.

Maybe I should tattoo Pig, it'll be a whole lot cheaper.

Okay what's wrong with me? I announce to the world that I'm a feral animal who leaves her mess all over the place, and then I think about laminating the fact that I'm a feral animal permanently on my body?

A ghost is possessing me, I swear to god!

I just typed a full stop after the exclamation mark, then I backspaced it, again, something is wrong with me, I blame the ghost.

I don't like my lab report, it felt so weird not referencing anything or citing stuff... it's just a block of words, no reference list, no in-text, no quotes. Apparently my tutor wouldn't care if I got my shit off wiki, because she won't be able to tell. Another thing about my tutor is that she mentioned Matlab today, the first thing that came to mind was one of Toni's birthday cards.

Matlab pictures look pretty, the ones I've seen anyway.

They're all colourful and curvy and... yehh.

I don't like maths.

Statistic and Probabilities suck.

The end.


aka. The posessed one.

Ps. I just realised I sound out of it in my post, excuse me but it's 2:12 and I'm sleepy.

I love Google.

For those of you in the know, I have a fondness for the phrase "go dig a hole":
Your assignment's not due til Friday! GO DIG A HOLE!

Stop being taller than me! GO DIG A HOLE!

How did you do that? GO DIG A HOLE!

Nish used it the other day and I went, 'hey, that's my phrase. Go dig a hole!'

I did a Google search for it earlier today, and I'm telling you - some of the things you find on Google are hilarious.

Google results for "Go dig a hole"
  1. Planning and Digging your Pond
    "Go dig a hole! That is if you are planning to put in an in-ground pond,..."

  2. GoNintendo >> Blog Archive >>
    "18 Sept 2008 ... Wow go dig a hole and then hit yourself with the shovel while being mauled by rabid parakeets."

  3. Who wants to help me dig a hole? - Yahoo! Answers

  4. Is the Bible Sexist? - Page 3 - Literature Network Forums
    "Do you feel the urge to go dig a hole and cover it when you defecate? No."

    (What that has to do with Bibles and sexism I'll never know.)

  5. WoW Forums -> Funniest Leave Raid Excuses You've Heard"
    Had a shaman say "AFK: I have to go dig a hole.""

    (He was helping his mum in the garden, apparently.)
This next one is for Tiffany.
    Silence is a Scary Sound LYRICS
    "I agree with Meagan, whoever made Dougie feel this way should go dig a hole ... and die in it."
While conducting this Google search I found myself distracted by the WoW Forums -> Funniest Leave Raid Excuses.

I'd have to say, these ones take the cake.
"My cat just yanked out the cord to my keyboard and now it's broken"

"How are you still typing?"

"I'm not."

"brb, my cat is on fire."

Tiffany's right when she says, "LOL. Ahh, people are weird."
"afk guys the fridge just fell on my mom"
I agree.

The humour returnth

My psych book is finally making me laugh.

I read through about 10 pages (not your average A4 pages either, it's like... A3 sized pages... talk about a big book), and finally, a joke.

Well, it's not really a joke, it was just a line that was suppose to be amusing, and since I am extremely bored, anything remotely amusing sounding will make me laugh.

A la, the line is as follow:

When sound is reflected off an object, it produces an echo (Tiffi's note: DUH); When it is absorbed by an object, such as carpet, it is muffled. Everyone sounds like the great Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti in the shower (or like Jimmy Barnes if they have a sore throat) because tile absorbs so little sound, creating echoes and resonance that give fullness to even a medicre voice.

Yes it's not very funny, but it made me laugh anyway.

Anyway back to study...

Fun fun.

Better go before thy brain doth protest again!


A Quick Limerick

These engg1010 questions are hard and my potatoes are taking way too long to cook.

Green Ninja

I thought they were meant to be secretive, and never be seen. Today I saw three of them, they were on scooters so I assume the other mode of transport has been cut back, you know with the green house emissions, credit crisis and interest rate rises the previous years.

Still, whatever they are doing at least they are carbon neutral. I assume they have some kinda carbon credit system for the uniforms to be manufactured, along with the helmets remember.. safety first.

You might need to click on the photos and open them full screen to be able to see them properly. They are quick and agile (like a cat), lucky the iPhone is also quick and agile and I could capture them. Like I mentioned last time, el Señor Jobs (steve jobs, CEO of Apple) needs this kind of equipment to catch the defectors.


Found in the Dorothy Hill Library, 4th Floor. Study cubicles.

I sometimes think engineers are morbid characters come exam time.

I’m not crying, it’s just been raining on my face

So first off, how many of you read this when it was in draft hoping to get a sneak peak?
“The last time I was going to write something it saved a draft here, I thought I would just write this so people think they are getting a sneak peak at what I am going to post. oh if only I could see their face when they realise this is all this is going to say until the entire post comes at once.”
and how many of you will actually admit to that? I know of at least one person. I did lie however, since it came in two stages rather than a gradual journey like story. It’s quite long and probably pointless, but those who have a close relationship with something might be able to relate.

As most of you are well aware I have an iPhone (aka iFonzo) and it is my pride and joy, for my birthday these lovely people got me an Invisible Shield. For those not in the know it is basically a protective cover, which prevents scratches and still lets you (and others around you) see the beauty of the iPhone. Most covers which offer this kind of protection are chunky, and quite ugly. Here is a sample of what it is meant to do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmpFOUZoUX0 skip forward to about 2:40.

I don't consider myself being shallow, and physical aspects are not often high on my list of importance, but to remove even a shred of its beauty would be sacrilege, you would be condemned to a life of ugly non fruity gadgets. That’s right! You heard me I am talking about you with that iPod! el Señor Jobs [sticking with the Spanish theme that has been set to the layout] shall come, or send some of his mercenario's (or mercenarioria, not to be sexist) to reclaim the apple of their eye. [Groan]

Now that you realise why I wanted one, and I have established how protective I am of my iPhone there are some people who might find this eccentric, others will understand and have the same connection with an item such as an iPods, DS's, Bags, Shoes, Pacers, Pens ( perhaps specifically UQ Pens), Steel Rulers (thin not thick), Calculators, Laptops, Cameras, DVD's, Books or TV's. There are some instructions that you need to follow to install the Invisible Shield properly, check them out here but the main steps are;

• Spraying your fingers with their special "ShieldSprayTM", I am fairly positive it is just soap and water but that deconstruction of marketing and business products will be saved for another blog post, but perhaps it could be what gives it shield like properties.
• Applying more spray to the shield, and perhaps to your device
• Use the squeegee and push the moisture to the edges

Before committing to applying the Shield I looked up a few other ways to get the best finish, the vast majority of them said just apply as much as you can, don’t be shy. This is exactly what I did; it was a tense moment spraying liquid onto iFonzos' luscious face but I had to subdue my fear of iFonzo being overcome by paralysis. I am sure if this did happen, it would live a happy life and would be an absolute stunner at the Paralympics, but as they are currently on another four years is too long to wait.

After having put the front shield on, and removing all of the excess soapy-water “ShieldSprayTM” I turned it on and I was relieved that it worked and I left it sit for a moment or seven while I mentally prepared myself to put the back piece on.
I went to turn the iPhone off, and if you are familiar with an iPhone you will realise that to do several of the important commands it requires you to drag a bar across the screen. This is so it does not accidentally answer phones calls while it is sitting in your pocket, or turn off. So I went to drag the bar across the screen, and ... nothing happened. I tried again thinking it was my own fault for being retarded but my heart skipped a beat, well quite a few beats when I realised that it was not responding at all to my sensual touch.

I felt heartbroken after the months of pleasure I gave iFonzo how could it reject me like this, it was like being physically pushed away from someone that you love. After wiping my tears away with a tissue I begged with it to work. I cried
“iAlphonso Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (I used its full name so it knew I was serious/desperate) please! I beg of you! With your boastfulness abilities do not fail me now!”
I really didn’t want to use desperate measures such as percussive maintenance, as it might be considered domestic violence. Then with all of my desperation and neediness getting to me I tried again. It worked, but only barely - it was temperamental so while I still could, I turned it off to think. It is hard to think clearly when you it is turned on and nearby, it’s quite a distraction.

This had scared the bejeezus out of me, and I was left thinking that the excess soapy-water may have seeped inside, and melted its heart. I was hopefully that the situation wasn’t at that stage yet, since I hadn’t seen any blue smoke, obviously the most critical component to any electrical item. Once you let the blue smoke out of any electrical device it will never work again. I rushed to its aid taking off the Invisible Shield, like a doctor ripping off patients’ clothes to defibrillate. Since the only way to prove if the problem was the Shield, the iPhone or my fleshly touch was to take it off and try again.

After letting it recover for about an hour I turned it on to see if the touch screen would work, and luckily for both of us it worked and responded like a needy guy/girl who has had no physical attention for a while. (Perhaps that was more to do with an application I installed which moan -- iJoke!) After cleaning my hands with a tissue (to remove dust, lint etc.) I attempted the distressing task of applying it once more, since I had established that it was not undergoing sensory deprivation.

After about 30 minutes I had applied the front, the back, and the other bits and pieces but I refused to turn it on until I had totally finished. I think I was frightened of the rejection if it wouldn’t work again. Luckily true love was in full bloom that day, and it did work after my careful manipulation of its bits and pieces.

Once I had it back to normal and had established that it wasn’t breaking up with me I had time to think about what had happened. I should have just carried on with the job in the first place rather than being a pussy and running away. I decided that the reason why it wasn’t working was the “ShieldSpray^TM”, but not from oozing inside but because I had it on my fingers. As I must of had a layer of it all over my fingers it would have stopped the screen from responding the way I expected. I had over-reacted majorly and I felt like such an idiot. We can all learn a lesson from this, if you want to protect your beloved from things do not apply lubricant and expect your touch to feel the same, until you wash your hands – whhaatt? Yeah I have no idea either it just sounded like it was going somewhere humorous– it wasn’t.

In other news; for those who missed it this is what Monkey Socks looks like when it has be iPhonified, despite what some might think I did not have anything to do this.


Is everyone okay with this new layout? If not, it's easily fixed.

I kind of wish the amplitude of the waves was a little less pronounced, but... I'm working on finding something. Or... Actually, I'll find a few (eventually) and get a vote or something going on. I don't know.

And this is why she's my sister.

My sister caught my bus the other day.  We got off together and as we were walking home from our stop, an old school bus drove past us.  

Janelle:  "Hey, that's my kindy bus!  Back when I was a dinosaur!"
Johanna:  "Back when you were a dinosaur?  You still are a dinosaur!"

Our conversations usually go nowhere, but they always amuse me.

3G Support Fails

(*Eee pc strikes again*) Janelle is not impressed by this recent outage

New Phone Carrier Supports 3G Mobile Devices

(* image courtsey of Eee pc*) :), shows the thrilled community

What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, but apparently the same cannot be said about Psyc1040 tuts

Do any of you remember a blog entry about 'clicky pencil' a few weeks ago posted up on our beloved Monkey Socks? Of course you don't, most of you insane engg students are too busy doing your matlabs and engg assignments to even recall amusing incidents to blog about on Monkey Socks.

However us Psych students have a better memory (we did have a lecture on the cognitive processes in retaining information and what not). So, I'm here today, to blog about something amusing, that incidentally, occurred in the said psyc1040 tut mentioned few weeks ago.

So to set the scene and tell you some background information about my psyc1040 tut, there's about 20 of us, only 10 of us ever actually turn up to our tuts. Our tutor is a very interesting fellow name Steven/Steve/Stephen (can't really remember how to spell it I'm sorry), and he's into Batman, he wanted to give us marks based on what we rated the most recent Batman movie, in which the villain is featured on my wall.

Anyway, your's truly sits at the back row with friend Jas, acquaintance Brandon and (a girl whose name escapes my mind). In the row before us sits Edward and Libby, the row before them sits the weird guy with the weird beard with the weird mumbling and the weird tendency to leave the class every 15 minutes to go outside and smoke/pee/whatever.

Today, as every Thursday, he left our class to do his business, he left the door open, and as it was raining today, the water was trickling down the roof down to the ground (my class is on ground level). A few seconds after he left the room, we hear said water trickling.... insert class silence, exchange glares and shock expressions. We appeared to have a shared thought (anyone want to guess?). Our lovely tutor said: We're all thinking about the same thing aren't we?

Our entire class started cracking up laughing, as he tried to continue on with the materials he was suppose to cover in the said class, he couldn't control his voice and laughed again, this further amuse the class with what we suspected as the said weird dude peeing outside.

A few moments later, we hear the said trickling again, and again, we laughed, this time Libby and I cannot control our laughter and we literally smacked our head on our desk laughing.

When he came back into the room, we all giggled and tried to pay attention again. I guess it is obvious that the rest of the class did nothing to improve my already poor knowledge of statistics, I only remember the amusement the weird dude caused for the day.

Oh I also heard Jelly and Toni say they were in the lake, I am still curious about what exactly happened. So if anyone would like to enlighten me, I would be gladly enlightened.

Some people amuse me.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!  I'm a retard!"

"Alright, I'll talk to you when I get home.  Love you too.  Wait, why did I just say 'love you too', when you didn't even say 'I love you'?  WTF!'

There was something else really, really hilarious, but I can't remember it now.  It happened somewhere between Jaz's posters/UQ Lakes (Pond!  God that was hilarious.) and "Aaaaaaaah!  I'm a retard!"  

What was it?  I was sooo close to quoting it until she said "Aaaaaah!  I'm a retard!"  DAMN YOU, WIFFALO!

Ferry Thoughts

How do you know society has finally hit rock bottom with the use of technology?

When you ride on the ferry and on the advertisments off 4UTV (it's so sad that the City Cat has its own TV channel) and there's a link that starts with the following link pre-flex: www.myspace.com.

It's sad how our society is so dependant on networking websites like Myspace, Facebook and Bebo. You cannot get pass a day without someone mentioning: DID YOU SEE WHAT ____ POSTED UP ON BULLETINS? Or hear one of my many psychology lecturers go on about some guy who look like a dinosaur added him on facebook, who he turned down many times, who so happen to be one of his dear colleagues from some psychological conference.

Honestly I had one psyc1030 lecture based around Facebook last semester.

What's even sadder is that whenever you go on UQ blackboard, you see a community in which your faculty belongs to, and they all urge you to join their Facebook. Even UQ itself has a Facebook.

There's a UQ IS SO AWESOME Facebook, and there's a WE ARE THE UQ HATERS Facebook. How do I know? In one of mny many boredom attacks, I surfed the net, with random keywords like Hate, Love, UQ, prestigious. No, I'm kidding, the I HATE UQ Facebook was actually posted on Myspace bulletins by this guy I know, and I decided to check it out. Then he linked it to the Facebook that apparently 'provoked' him to make an I HATE UQ Facebook, which was an UQ IS SO AWESOME Facebook. I know that block of garbage didn't really make sense, but if you reread it sometimes in the near future... no it doesn't make sense, not even to me, who I typed this junk on the ferry, now transferring to Blogger at UQ. I also can't be fucked backspacing because I'm cool and lazy like that.

This bunch of nonsese mind rambling is bought to you by the forever awesome, tiara wearing, owner of a pair of FCUK Geeky glasses, pwnin & winn ing... you get my point, I'm more awesome than you.

Princess Geek... aka Tiffilo