I just had the most hilarious conversation with an old friend.

I'd just gotten home, shown my brother a few magic tricks (Quantum tricks with straws) and had signed onto MSN. Tran here is a friend who does Radiology with my cousin.

Tran: hey man
Tran: saw u on bus today and i was like janelle! and u jst kept walking LOL
Janelle: omg, are you serious
Tran: i dont think i said ur name loudly enough tho, but I was like "janelle" ahaha
Janelle: i don't like looking at people on buses because I feel like they'll think I'm weird
Tran: yeahhh i know, neither
Tran: oh well thats ok, you probably didnt recognise me or soemthing. i got off at PA in blu shirt uniform

Tran: surprising, u actually saw me and b like yep some hospital chick. in fact i think i saw u twice. i saw u yesterday morn too but wasnt sure if it was u coz i was lookin down and only just like u jst sit down, so not sure

Janelle, you're an idiot.