Ferry Thoughts

How do you know society has finally hit rock bottom with the use of technology?

When you ride on the ferry and on the advertisments off 4UTV (it's so sad that the City Cat has its own TV channel) and there's a link that starts with the following link pre-flex: www.myspace.com.

It's sad how our society is so dependant on networking websites like Myspace, Facebook and Bebo. You cannot get pass a day without someone mentioning: DID YOU SEE WHAT ____ POSTED UP ON BULLETINS? Or hear one of my many psychology lecturers go on about some guy who look like a dinosaur added him on facebook, who he turned down many times, who so happen to be one of his dear colleagues from some psychological conference.

Honestly I had one psyc1030 lecture based around Facebook last semester.

What's even sadder is that whenever you go on UQ blackboard, you see a community in which your faculty belongs to, and they all urge you to join their Facebook. Even UQ itself has a Facebook.

There's a UQ IS SO AWESOME Facebook, and there's a WE ARE THE UQ HATERS Facebook. How do I know? In one of mny many boredom attacks, I surfed the net, with random keywords like Hate, Love, UQ, prestigious. No, I'm kidding, the I HATE UQ Facebook was actually posted on Myspace bulletins by this guy I know, and I decided to check it out. Then he linked it to the Facebook that apparently 'provoked' him to make an I HATE UQ Facebook, which was an UQ IS SO AWESOME Facebook. I know that block of garbage didn't really make sense, but if you reread it sometimes in the near future... no it doesn't make sense, not even to me, who I typed this junk on the ferry, now transferring to Blogger at UQ. I also can't be fucked backspacing because I'm cool and lazy like that.

This bunch of nonsese mind rambling is bought to you by the forever awesome, tiara wearing, owner of a pair of FCUK Geeky glasses, pwnin & winn ing... you get my point, I'm more awesome than you.

Princess Geek... aka Tiffilo


Queen Anne said...

>-> I like to think I can go a day without hearing someone ask if I've seen blah posted up on... such and such bulletin. Quite sheltered from these networking sites. Although I'll admit to being the shamed owner of a F-Book profile. =\ Doesn't mean I'm chained to it.

Janelle said...

Haha, yeah, it's pretty sad. There's even this 'new' section on BB called 'Mates@UQ'. There's an entire page dedicated to Facebook groups.

So what was your Psyc1030 lecture like? I imagine that to have been interesting.