The humour returnth

My psych book is finally making me laugh.

I read through about 10 pages (not your average A4 pages either, it's like... A3 sized pages... talk about a big book), and finally, a joke.

Well, it's not really a joke, it was just a line that was suppose to be amusing, and since I am extremely bored, anything remotely amusing sounding will make me laugh.

A la, the line is as follow:

When sound is reflected off an object, it produces an echo (Tiffi's note: DUH); When it is absorbed by an object, such as carpet, it is muffled. Everyone sounds like the great Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti in the shower (or like Jimmy Barnes if they have a sore throat) because tile absorbs so little sound, creating echoes and resonance that give fullness to even a medicre voice.

Yes it's not very funny, but it made me laugh anyway.

Anyway back to study...

Fun fun.

Better go before thy brain doth protest again!



Janelle said...

Tiff, you're a turd. But we all sing in the shower. At least, I do. Even with the dodgy voice, phlegm and all.

Topher said...

who is stealing whose lines now?

Janelle said...

I'm a line-theft. I stole 'Go dig a hole' from Lisha in Year 10.

What can I say.

I'm a turd.