It's not everyday...

That I get to post a post on Monkey Socks.

Kory, Toni and I baked a cake today, a Victorian Sponge Cake, we had excellent Rossi strawberry jam and whipped up double thick cream as the glue between the two delicious layers of sponge cake. There are photos of course, but Toni's being a turd and refusing me the right to photographs she took as we were mixing, cooking and baking.

So basically this was just a basic Tuesday evening, with a special guest - Kory. As I do, at 8pm, we go to the bus stop to catch my bus so I can get home before mother dearest get annoyed at me staying out so late on a weekday. The bus was several minutes late, and Kory suggested that she'll give me a lift to Mater so I don't have to wait for the bus. We started walking back to Toni's slowly, by slowly, I mean REALLY SLOWLY.




The bus turned the corner, and Toni gave a shriek like sound, and we started running back toward the bus stop. Do you know how bloody hard it is to RUN with a bag full of BOOKS? It's HARD.

Got there in time, got on the bus... damn bus driver was laughing at me.


Anyway, Toni made me promise I'll post this incident up here, and now it's up, I think I wrote it too plain and straight foward and not very entertaining at all, oh well. It's an automatic function of your brain to read. So it's not my fault you're still reading. YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME!

I love the conversations I have with my siblings

Because seriously, I always win.

Janelle: 'Johanna, that's just because you are full of epic faaailll'
Josh: 'hahaha!'
Janelle: 'Meine bruder is a retard'
Josh: 'hahaha! -- OI!'
Janelle: 'You just got pwned in GERMAN!'
Josh: 'guten tag!'
Janelle: 'FAIL!'
Every day there's always at least one thing that amuses me. Today, there were two of those things -- and both I found were at work. (Just for the record, I work at a cosmetics store. Along one of the walls are a series of shelves full of make-up arranged by brand, type, and then colour-code and colour-name.)

I take that back, there were at least thre - but uploading a video of Maree juggling some of the store's toys in a dark room would take too long.


I came to work this afternoon (I'm still there - my shift hasn't started yet) and saw this posted up beneath the register.

Can you guess which one's me?
Also, also - I work across a McDonald's. Boo-yeah, who gets free wireless internet now?

Blackboard abuse!

There are some things guaranteed to happen when you leave uni students free to scribble away.

Now I have to gloat for a bit and say I posted this from my e63. I should really be listening to that lecture.

More for entertainment

I've been watching Lost in Austen, a mini-series that grew out of Austen's Pride and Prejudice. My sister missed the first half of the series and came in to watch the last one. She had questions at the end.

Johanna: "Of all the books by Jane Austen..."
Me: "There were only like seven, Johanna." [I don't know for sure, there may have been six or more.]
Johanna: Yeah but that's still a lot of books. But anyway, of all her books, why that book? Why do people say it's her best?"
Me: "Johanna, it's like, the classic Jane Austen. I don't know if it's her best, but it's the one people think about."
Johanna: "Yeah, but how do you know, she could still write more."
Me: "Johanna, Jane Austen is dead."
Johanna: "Is she? Wow. I didn't know that."

Can you Lol?

My sister left a can of drink on my desk today and a message on my wall. I got it after I came back from a friend’s house to make cheesecake.




My sister is adorable.

Who's on First?

An amusing excerpt I'd like to share from a Neil Gaiman quotation.

Avril: Except I think maybe that foreign kid had something to do with it.
Charles: What foreign kid?
Avril: the one up at Flaxdown manor, I never liked him.
Edwin: What was his name?
Avril: Wat.
Charles: What?
Avril: Wat
Charles: What was his name?
Avril: Yes
Edwin: What was?
Avril: His name.
Charles: Look, I'm sorry, but can we try this again?
Avril: He told us his name. His name was Wat. W-A-T.
Charles: Oh I see.

And another thing I'd like to share.

It's the kinds of things 13 years olds do.

The events that follows drawn in my shitty drawing style is true, it may be exaggerated to add entertainment, but the essential idea/event is intact.

And no, the disclaimer at the end of the comic strip is NOT a joke.

I’m glad it didn’t rain on the way home

Please see documentation attached to A Day in the Life of Jelly -1.

I made that yesterday, and today a new, slightly-more-thought-out (i.e. made for Monkey Socks) ‘comic strip’ arrives. By slightly-more-thought-out, I still mean impromptu (I drew it at various intervals today, and in un-erasable ink), and sketchily.

Note that if it IS unreadable, you can click to enlarge.

As far as I’m aware, this was posted with full permission of those it stars.

Also, on the 2nd page down, top row, and the 4th page, column 1, row 2, are contributions from Queen Anne. =D. Thank you!

Stuff 082

I would like to now make the point that skin is a great canvas.

The text says, ‘I pressed a button and the light went ping. And the bus drove off into the pink sunset.’

Because that’s what happened. And I raced the sun home.

A Day in the Life of Jelly - I


3 4


Before you click on anything, I would like to warn you that I am the sort of person who dreams up strange, strange thoughts throughout the day. Also, this is the first in a series of 'Day in the Life’s (for which a better name is demanded). I, Jelly, am asking you each to contribute a collection [or two, or three, or more] of random scribbles, of pictorial descriptions of your day, preferably in chronological order.

The only rules are that

a) the content is suitable for Monkey Socks
(nothing pornographic/illegal)

b) said collection must be created within 48 hours of the day itself. You can post it later or whatever, but for this series it would probably be best to keep the stories fresh. Better yet, draw a box an hour!

Please note that these rules are only general; if it doesn’t quite fit rule b), that’s ok, it’s just a general Monkey Socks post. Which is all very well and fine!

That’s all from me for now.

Peace out!


P.S., all credit goes to Jtoasn for the turkey/chicken dream in which Liz gets eaten by a gigantic turkey/chicken. She actually dreamed it up. I kept thinking about it in one of my lectures, and so the strip was born.


So I'm new to Monkey Socks, just new in this hour I believe. So I wish to post, and will only to see if my name comes up in google. Yes, I'm that vain.


So, I was only meant to check my email and to look up the word ‘Anthologies’, I think it’s safe to say that I can’t stick with any plans for five minutes.

I went on the Neil Gaiman’s journal, which surprised me because I have not been on in a while... or he updates more frequently than I do. I guess that’s why I’m updating now, even though no one reads this, it’s still nice to write on it for a little bit.

Oh and Neil is the userpic for this post. It is funny it has taken me this long to realize that you can put different pics up on there.

I also went onto Jhonen Vasquez livejournal, it’s *sigh* annoying a bit because he has links in each post that links to his OTHER site, and I have to click and so forth. I suppose if you just go to the main site of ‘Question Sleep’ you can just read the journal there and skip the middleman.

On there I realized that he was coming to the Supernova in Brisbane. (Just look for the picture of Kangaroos and you’ll get an idea that they might be talking about Australia). I’m excited because I volunteered to work there on both Saturday and Sunday (although I’m not sure how it’s going to work out because I have no transport there), and hopefully maybe I’ll see him.

No doubt the place is going to be overrun by emos and trends trying to get a little bit of gooey substance that’s called Jhonen V, but who am I to complain... I used to be one of them. Now not so much, I am more into Neil than anything else, but Jhonen was one of the first couple of comic books that I actually bought.

The first was Asterix and Oblix, Peanuts and just the normal ones that kids read.

Jhonen was my first ‘thinking’ comic book.

And I thank him for that.

Now I think, I’m just too old and too over that sort of stuff. Still... it’d be great to seem him in person. I won’t be foolish enough to ask him if he could draw me a tattoo. For it is my ideal sort of dream: Get Vasquez to draw a tattoo for me, Get Kat von D to tattoo it for me.

But you know... I don’t want to be a crazed fan.

So mmyep.

While writing this on Word, I am looking for a new layout. The old one is nice, but I can’t stick with one thing for long because I’m dissatisfied easily. Also being on word, I see many green and red lines under my writing. I wouldn’t mind if Jelly actually beta’d my blog too. Nah, that’d be too much.

I went out yesterday.

Um... we went to go see Slum dog Millionaire, and eat lasagna at a restaurant. Oh! Garfield that was another comic I read... mentally add it up there. Cause I ain’t going back.

*Clears throat* So yeah, that was fun yesterday. Even thought it’s the second time I’d seen it, I was still into it. “Millonaire” Lol...

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I actually only have seven one-shots left. Isn’t that great?

I’m going to update them ALL AT ONCE, so I’m sorry for the ones that I have already finished. But please hold on for a little bit longer. I just need to get the entry for the seven stories, and I cannot just force one.

I’m pleased to see that what I’m writing is going to be good (well, not that good, but at least in my mind better than some of the crap I read- even if it is the complete opposite of what genre I like to write). And I can’t wait to post it. But I can, because I have to.

I’m also very happy to see if you type in ‘Jtoasn’ in google, I actually have some things with my name on it. I’m pleased. Although, I don’t have pictures on Google images. And I’ve done so many lovely *cough* things for challenges... I might check those before I get off the computer too.

Well... should actually force myself off this thing so I can finish reading my book. (after I finish checking those things, I banned myself from Youtube)


'And my other friend's a grape...'

My sister's going through Year 12 at the moment and it's that time of year when teachers are encouraging students to knuckle down and hopefully 'find their passion'. Part of this path of 'self discovery' involves completing many quizzes in PCP -- aka Painfully Corrupting Persons (with QCS practices and existential angst with thoughts of the future).

My sister did a quiz that categorized people as either a banana, melon, grape or orange. My ten-year-old brother had a few things to say about that.

Johanna: 'I'm a grape. It's so obvious.'
Josh: 'yeah, because people can eat you in one bite.'

I'm apparently a melon-grape. I look small enough to handle, then you try and eat me and i explode and choke you. xD.