I’m glad it didn’t rain on the way home

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I made that yesterday, and today a new, slightly-more-thought-out (i.e. made for Monkey Socks) ‘comic strip’ arrives. By slightly-more-thought-out, I still mean impromptu (I drew it at various intervals today, and in un-erasable ink), and sketchily.

Note that if it IS unreadable, you can click to enlarge.

As far as I’m aware, this was posted with full permission of those it stars.

Also, on the 2nd page down, top row, and the 4th page, column 1, row 2, are contributions from Queen Anne. =D. Thank you!

Stuff 082

I would like to now make the point that skin is a great canvas.

The text says, ‘I pressed a button and the light went ping. And the bus drove off into the pink sunset.’

Because that’s what happened. And I raced the sun home.


Janelle said...

Lol... well that was interesting, and slightly weird but good. You draw well, not that I'm surprised, but you know... good. And is Toni reading my book? Well, I hope she likes them, I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms without the one back in my collection of Neils books.

March 10, 2009 9:51 PM

(Jtoasn's comment.

I was shuffling things around and so deleted the original entry.)

Janelle said...

Ok, now that comments in reply will actually make sense (albeit somewhat egotistical because it's posted under my name... -_-):

Toni was reading it at uni but I still have it in my posession. I'll try to get as much headway as I can it can return to your collection as soon as possible.