It's not everyday...

That I get to post a post on Monkey Socks.

Kory, Toni and I baked a cake today, a Victorian Sponge Cake, we had excellent Rossi strawberry jam and whipped up double thick cream as the glue between the two delicious layers of sponge cake. There are photos of course, but Toni's being a turd and refusing me the right to photographs she took as we were mixing, cooking and baking.

So basically this was just a basic Tuesday evening, with a special guest - Kory. As I do, at 8pm, we go to the bus stop to catch my bus so I can get home before mother dearest get annoyed at me staying out so late on a weekday. The bus was several minutes late, and Kory suggested that she'll give me a lift to Mater so I don't have to wait for the bus. We started walking back to Toni's slowly, by slowly, I mean REALLY SLOWLY.




The bus turned the corner, and Toni gave a shriek like sound, and we started running back toward the bus stop. Do you know how bloody hard it is to RUN with a bag full of BOOKS? It's HARD.

Got there in time, got on the bus... damn bus driver was laughing at me.


Anyway, Toni made me promise I'll post this incident up here, and now it's up, I think I wrote it too plain and straight foward and not very entertaining at all, oh well. It's an automatic function of your brain to read. So it's not my fault you're still reading. YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME!


Queen Anne said...

I tried to send them all to you, you refused to ACCEPT the images.