Who's on First?

An amusing excerpt I'd like to share from a Neil Gaiman quotation.

Avril: Except I think maybe that foreign kid had something to do with it.
Charles: What foreign kid?
Avril: the one up at Flaxdown manor, I never liked him.
Edwin: What was his name?
Avril: Wat.
Charles: What?
Avril: Wat
Charles: What was his name?
Avril: Yes
Edwin: What was?
Avril: His name.
Charles: Look, I'm sorry, but can we try this again?
Avril: He told us his name. His name was Wat. W-A-T.
Charles: Oh I see.

And another thing I'd like to share.


Janelle said...

hahahah. Nothing beats that being said aloud. :P

Janelle said...

Actually it reminds me of 'Anyung' from Arrested Development. When he first came I don't think he spoke much English, or at least couldn't be bothered to, and all he said was 'Anyung' which means Hello in Korean. Everyone was like,

'This is Annyong!'
'Hi Annyong!'
'Yes, you are Annyong.'


Or something like that.