What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, but apparently the same cannot be said about Psyc1040 tuts

Do any of you remember a blog entry about 'clicky pencil' a few weeks ago posted up on our beloved Monkey Socks? Of course you don't, most of you insane engg students are too busy doing your matlabs and engg assignments to even recall amusing incidents to blog about on Monkey Socks.

However us Psych students have a better memory (we did have a lecture on the cognitive processes in retaining information and what not). So, I'm here today, to blog about something amusing, that incidentally, occurred in the said psyc1040 tut mentioned few weeks ago.

So to set the scene and tell you some background information about my psyc1040 tut, there's about 20 of us, only 10 of us ever actually turn up to our tuts. Our tutor is a very interesting fellow name Steven/Steve/Stephen (can't really remember how to spell it I'm sorry), and he's into Batman, he wanted to give us marks based on what we rated the most recent Batman movie, in which the villain is featured on my wall.

Anyway, your's truly sits at the back row with friend Jas, acquaintance Brandon and (a girl whose name escapes my mind). In the row before us sits Edward and Libby, the row before them sits the weird guy with the weird beard with the weird mumbling and the weird tendency to leave the class every 15 minutes to go outside and smoke/pee/whatever.

Today, as every Thursday, he left our class to do his business, he left the door open, and as it was raining today, the water was trickling down the roof down to the ground (my class is on ground level). A few seconds after he left the room, we hear said water trickling.... insert class silence, exchange glares and shock expressions. We appeared to have a shared thought (anyone want to guess?). Our lovely tutor said: We're all thinking about the same thing aren't we?

Our entire class started cracking up laughing, as he tried to continue on with the materials he was suppose to cover in the said class, he couldn't control his voice and laughed again, this further amuse the class with what we suspected as the said weird dude peeing outside.

A few moments later, we hear the said trickling again, and again, we laughed, this time Libby and I cannot control our laughter and we literally smacked our head on our desk laughing.

When he came back into the room, we all giggled and tried to pay attention again. I guess it is obvious that the rest of the class did nothing to improve my already poor knowledge of statistics, I only remember the amusement the weird dude caused for the day.

Oh I also heard Jelly and Toni say they were in the lake, I am still curious about what exactly happened. So if anyone would like to enlighten me, I would be gladly enlightened.


Queen Anne said...

There was water above, below and beside us... virtually in the lake. Later edited to OVER the lake. But I feel that 'in the lake' was close enough. Heavy rains meant lake water levels had risen ever closer to the already sopping wet wooden bridge. And Engineering students have memories too. Where do you think you get part of your MS material? The LIBRARY?!
Now I've a fine respect for The Library and lesser libraries to boot... also sure there would be a section in comedy and human reactions to comedy... comedy through time 150.03 GEN... However, I'm simply going to state a fact. The majority of contributors here would be engineering Kiddies! [contributors list, do not make a liar of me - I haven't checked... but I'll abuse admit duties if I must...]
Lastly, I feel that I share this weird man's pain... I too must flee to pee ever 15-20 minutes these days. However I seem to manage to move further than outside a tut door =\ I guess he supposed it was a rainy day...

Janelle said...

Hahahahahahahahahaa... This is going to sound so disturbing, but I /do/ remember a certain someone who really, really needed to pee and used the top of a tall building...


Oh, that was SOOOO wrong. (no names, because that would be terrible!)

Haha, Tiff, that was hilarious.

Toni's already explained it, but, basically, we were walking to the bus stop. It was raining HARDCORE. We were..



Oh wait. I can't remember which is which now.