I love Google.

For those of you in the know, I have a fondness for the phrase "go dig a hole":
Your assignment's not due til Friday! GO DIG A HOLE!

Stop being taller than me! GO DIG A HOLE!

How did you do that? GO DIG A HOLE!

Nish used it the other day and I went, 'hey, that's my phrase. Go dig a hole!'

I did a Google search for it earlier today, and I'm telling you - some of the things you find on Google are hilarious.

Google results for "Go dig a hole"
  1. Planning and Digging your Pond
    "Go dig a hole! That is if you are planning to put in an in-ground pond,..."

  2. GoNintendo >> Blog Archive >>
    "18 Sept 2008 ... Wow go dig a hole and then hit yourself with the shovel while being mauled by rabid parakeets."

  3. Who wants to help me dig a hole? - Yahoo! Answers

  4. Is the Bible Sexist? - Page 3 - Literature Network Forums
    "Do you feel the urge to go dig a hole and cover it when you defecate? No."

    (What that has to do with Bibles and sexism I'll never know.)

  5. WoW Forums -> Funniest Leave Raid Excuses You've Heard"
    Had a shaman say "AFK: I have to go dig a hole.""

    (He was helping his mum in the garden, apparently.)
This next one is for Tiffany.
    Silence is a Scary Sound LYRICS
    "I agree with Meagan, whoever made Dougie feel this way should go dig a hole ... and die in it."
While conducting this Google search I found myself distracted by the WoW Forums -> Funniest Leave Raid Excuses.

I'd have to say, these ones take the cake.
"My cat just yanked out the cord to my keyboard and now it's broken"

"How are you still typing?"

"I'm not."

"brb, my cat is on fire."

Tiffany's right when she says, "LOL. Ahh, people are weird."
"afk guys the fridge just fell on my mom"
I agree.