Green Ninja

I thought they were meant to be secretive, and never be seen. Today I saw three of them, they were on scooters so I assume the other mode of transport has been cut back, you know with the green house emissions, credit crisis and interest rate rises the previous years.

Still, whatever they are doing at least they are carbon neutral. I assume they have some kinda carbon credit system for the uniforms to be manufactured, along with the helmets remember.. safety first.

You might need to click on the photos and open them full screen to be able to see them properly. They are quick and agile (like a cat), lucky the iPhone is also quick and agile and I could capture them. Like I mentioned last time, el SeƱor Jobs (steve jobs, CEO of Apple) needs this kind of equipment to catch the defectors.


Janelle said...

Oh my god. I only have one word for that.


Crazy kids. They make me laugh.

Topher said...

If I had four words for it they would be; iPhone, LOL, observations, photos

Someone should start associating words with posts. They could call it tagging, or labels.

We could be onto something. ...

Queen Anne said...

I thought they already did that. Or tried to. Green ninjas my ass, those were mini John's on the way to karate.

Topher said...

I forgot to put /end sarcasm .. my bad

Wow if they go to BBC, it seems like you will have a supply of Johns for many years after he is old/dead/arrested

Maree said...

ooh they were kids going to karate. I thought they were old people in lawn bowls outfits. Either way, it's very 'lol.'