A ghost lives here

I cleaned my room yesterday, now it's a mess again.

I am suspecting a ghost.

Or, it can be just me, dumping all the shopping bags and my book bags all over the floor and not cleaning it up.

Fine I admit it, I'm a pig, no, I'm a clean pig. I cleaned it yesterday.

I'm actually insulting myself by calling myself a pig, hmm.

Maybe I should tattoo Pig, it'll be a whole lot cheaper.

Okay what's wrong with me? I announce to the world that I'm a feral animal who leaves her mess all over the place, and then I think about laminating the fact that I'm a feral animal permanently on my body?

A ghost is possessing me, I swear to god!

I just typed a full stop after the exclamation mark, then I backspaced it, again, something is wrong with me, I blame the ghost.

I don't like my lab report, it felt so weird not referencing anything or citing stuff... it's just a block of words, no reference list, no in-text, no quotes. Apparently my tutor wouldn't care if I got my shit off wiki, because she won't be able to tell. Another thing about my tutor is that she mentioned Matlab today, the first thing that came to mind was one of Toni's birthday cards.

Matlab pictures look pretty, the ones I've seen anyway.

They're all colourful and curvy and... yehh.

I don't like maths.

Statistic and Probabilities suck.

The end.


aka. The posessed one.

Ps. I just realised I sound out of it in my post, excuse me but it's 2:12 and I'm sleepy.