The horrors of birthday cards

My friend JJ gave me a birthday card yesterday. From the front it look like a normal card, with a self-drawn picture on the front (he drew the words MCFLY in bubble letters).

It's purple with pink, green and white words. It says: Recipe for a perfect birthday celebration: Friends + Food + MCFLY without a shirt on, just standing around looking pretty, (it said David Beckham under the taped over McFly word), anywayyy.

When you open it, it ROARS and start singing James Brown's I FEEL GOOD.

As a lover of blu-tac and the wonders it can do, I stuck all my cards from last night onto my wall before I went to bed. I put a little dab of blu-tac inside the cards so they won't flap open. The wind was pretty strong this morning I guess, it blew on JJ's card and flapped it open... since I went to bed at about 2am yesterday, I was sleeping soundly when the card flapped open. And as soon as it roared, I bounced up and almost fell off my bed, scared shitless.

I was all: WTFFF!!! WHO THE HELL PLAYS JAMES BROWN THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING? (It was actually about 11am)... Needless to say, my brother ran into my room and thought I went psycho... as an naive little child, he thought if you drink too much, you turn mental. Not really, he just wanted to know whether I was okay.

Anyway, that concludes it, my weird encounter with a singing card.



Janelle said...

:P. That still just makes me laugh.


It's actually a preeeeeeetty loud card. I still think it just sounds like a monster roaring.