I like being talked about.

(10:41 PM) Janelle. The pe: it's like when maree used to say she like...
(10:41 PM) Janelle. The pe: imagined what would happen
(10:42 PM) Janelle. The pe: if on the day of graduation
(10:42 PM) Janelle. The pe: she was so excited, ran about throwing her hat in the air
(10:42 PM) Janelle. The pe: and ended up running into the road and being squashed flat, still in uniform.
(10:42 PM) Janelle. The pe: because yeah the hat would fly down Chester Rd and she'd chase after it and go SPLAT.
(10:42 PM) Janelle. The pe: that wuld be ironic.
(10:42 PM) `wiғғiɴe: HAHAHA


(10:43 PM) `wiғғiɴe: you should have said
(10:43 PM) `wiғғiɴe: because yeah the hat would fly down Chester Rd and she'd chase after it and go SPRATT.


Maree said...

I'm commenting my own entry, which is quite sad, but I just realised that going SPLAT / SPRATT wasn't what i ever said would happen. I said that I'd throw my hat out onto Ipswich Road for the trucks to run over (because I hated it so much - it was a symbol of OLC style repression) and then instead of landing on the road it would land on someone's windscreen, it would block the driver's vision and cause a major car crash, I would be sued / thrown in jail, and my glorious post-school life would be brought to an abrupt finish before it had even begun.

Janelle said...

Yes, yes, I know, it was so much more complex -- but for the sake of Tiffy/Jelly conversation, that was all that needed to be said. xP.

And wow, we are so sadistic. Haha.

Janelle said...

If not sadistic, then at least morbid. xP.

Tiff said...

Jelly you suck. I was hoping I can stay anonymous.

Anyway, Maree, be thankful we weren't bitching about you xD. Like anyone would =/... hmm (evil prank idea)