First Blog

So apparently I am supposed to contribute to this blog. I have nothing interesting to say currently, but I am bored out of my mind studying Math1051 so I thought I would write something. Janelle just logged onto msn I wonder if Math1051 is driving her nuts too.

I've noticed Mitch has a lot of time on his hands if he manages to carry out an experiment at work. I must say I don't have that sort of time at work. I'm not allowed to stop working. I'll tell you of my observations at work. There is this one couple, who come in one a week, guaranteed. *Note* Apparently Janelle hasn't started studying yet. Anyway back to work. So this couple come in, and the woman always orders a Margarita. No joke. Every single time. I pretty much don't need to ask them what they would like to drink. Except I can never remember what type of beer that man orders. I always reckon I could write a story about my time at work. Maybe some rules that customers should follow, ie. don't be rude to the waitress, we do have the ability to spit in your food o_O not that we would. I have never done that. I wouldn't even have to eat the food to be repulsed by the fact that there is spit in it.

There are some really dishonest people out there. I'm not sure if its just Ipswich people but seriously, there are. This one guy called up and basically claimed last time he had ordered takeaway, one of the Beef and Black Bean's had been cold. He had ordered two Beef & B/B. How the flip could ONE of them be cold when they are cooked at the exact same time in the same wok. He then asked for delivery because apparently we had delivered to him before so it wouldn't be any trouble for us to delivery again. He's an idiot - we have a GPS system which records all previous addresses entered. His wasn't in there. Tosser.

Have you ever just walked down the street and observed the people passing? I did this at uni the other day. This really short kid walked past, I reckon he looked about 10, but he gave the impression that he was supposed to be at uni. So either he was just really short and young looking, or he is frickin smart! Pretty sure Aggie just burped... Anyway, you then get the people at uni who are dressed in suits. We discussed this the other day and concluded that maybe they are businessman and have to go to work after uni. Or, and this is my conclusion, maybe they just want to feel above the rest of us delinquent children.

Well, Math1051 calls me. Not really. It bores me. Riverfire tonight. Maybe I should blog about that when I get home.


Queen Anne said...

Ya-ay! The mow-rat shows herself!
Also, I meet a friend's friend who does science at uni and is in fact our age... but has the misfortune to look around the age of 12. Puberty late in coming? Very possible.

And welcome to Monkey Socks, dear contributor.

o.o was there more to the couple story?

Janelle said...

WELCOME to Monkey Socks!

I feel like I commented before but got distracted so I didn't actually get to hit the 'Publish Your Commment' button. Oh dear.

Uh, customers can be silly sometimes - ah well, glad you know how to deal with them though! I hope you had fun last night.


Heh heh heh heh heh heh