It's official. I did it.

I lost my clubbing cherry. Within four minutes of walking into the Met I had encountered two females making out, felt the thud thud of loud music pulsating through the room and noted the crowds lined up waiting for bags and IDs to be checked before entrance. It was meant to be scary, something I could never see myself doing, but, in the same way we get through each day it doesn't really matter how crazy the rest of the world is if you've your own comfortable circle of friends. It's surprising how easy it is to block out noise when you're sitting by a fish tank having cozy conversation in the dim light.

Yesterday was awesome, beginning with walks through South Bank dressed in Semi-Formal gear and ending with a ride home with some of my best friends.

Tiff, Happy Birthday. Thank you - for being you.

On a slightly random note, I realised last night that sometimes the things that make the most sense to you are the hardest to explain. While that's not an issue at all, it makes me glad that I can say I know where I came from - even if I'm still filling in the blanks. It just makes it everyone else's viewpoints very, very interesting.


Queen Anne said...

There were girls making out? o.o I just remember the fish and the pink drinks...

Topher said...

This is where I am meant to say something really mean with regards to girls making out, it would be hilarious. I am getting whispers from my lawyers that are suggesting to me that it might not best thing to do.

So laugh, and now be offended

Janelle said...

Yeah; that, or they were really touchy-feely. Obviously, the pink drinks and the fish were a bigger part of the night but it was sort of something that fit in with the whole clubbing stereotype - i.e. things you don't see too often. And fair enough.

Haha, hahahahahha. haha. Chris. That was so mean, but very, very subtle.