I want this pigeon's autograph.

This is my roof. The novelty eagle on a stick, visible to the left of the screen, is some cheap crap that my Dad bought off ebay. It's supposed to scare away birds. Clearly it doesn't work, since this pigeon has turned the roof into its playground.


jarielle said...

That is LOL-worthy.

You have been meaning to show that to me for a while.

God that's hilarious. xD.

Topher said...

Autograph would be hard I don't think it has thumbs. Unless you put its foot in a patch of ink, then it just stamps on something.That is probably the best way to do it.

Now that I have confirmed with Janelle that yes, that pigeon was riding that turbine ventilator. I was worried that if I said that, and that wasn't what was happening I would be mocked.

That is very very cool, I think you need to get up on your roof and put a camera close by and film it up close.

Tiff said...


Queen Anne said...

Obviously the crow was designed to bet wedged into the vent. Personally, I'd like to know if the pigeon was stuck and is actually desperately trying to escape.

Maree said...

I don't believe it was stuck, because it flew off after a few minutes and then came back for more later.