A Dim View of Seven.

  1. I haven't properly showered since Wednesdays last week. Whether or not I have a shower seems to be completely up to chance. Will my friend's be renovating their bathrooms too or will I simply continue to be stubborn and sit it out with the jumbo pack of Wet-Wipes? Either way, people have been noticing a certain odour. It will always be fixed tomorrow.
  2. Hello.
  3. Study has been going well. We don't hang out as much anymore but I'm planning a good catch up session very soon. Right after my first hot shower.
  4. Of late, I've begun to feel that my bag, lovingly given and begrudgingly used, has more personality than I do.


jarielle said...


I especially love the photo of your bag.

It /definitely/ has personality.

Also, that textbook is shiny. I love the Calculus text.