Hanging out at Borders

It amuses me what kind of things I find in the non-fiction area.


Janelle said...

Lol, that amuses me. The fact that books about Atheism belong in the section 'faith and spirituality'. There should be a subtitle: 'and lack thereof'.

Then again, 'religion is a response to whatever question a person has about the mystery of life.' Whatever they say, atheism is a response -- and an active one at that. It's ironic because most people who do believe in 'God' are typically more passive than atheists -- at least, the ones you hear about, that's all I'm saying -- which amuses me. Then again I am generalising and I cannot prove this statistically.

The last one is so random it just makes me go, wtf!

Topher said...

I prefer to put the bibles in the fiction section

do I add to the statistic?