Clicky Pencil

Today in my psyc1040 tutorial, we were put into groups to discuss research methods, their pros and cons and in what kind of research can they be used. We were told to discuss 'repeat measures'. Not to bore you with the nitty gritties, I'll just get to the point of this post.

'Clicky pencils'

We railed off track as we were discussing, for some reason, we started talking about pen licences. I and a few others admitted shamefully that we never obtained our pen licence in primary school, and as the result, we all written in pencils while we were discussing the research methods. Libbie was talking about how she can't stand pacers and had to use pencils, the guy next to me (can't remember his name), went: What's a pacer? As college students, we were stunned that he did not know what a pacer is in spite the fact that he is holding one.

I then went, "you know, mechanical pencils? You're holding one", he looked at his hand and said, "OH YOU MEAN CLICKY PENCILS!" and our entire group just cracked up laughing. 'Clicky pencils' I kid you not.

Just to amuse you, this is how he held his 'clicky pencil'

Another thing I'd like to blog about is how amusing toliet door conversations are:

This was taken in the UQ union toliet block.

And finally, this picture is of 'sushi pillows', I found the flyer in the psychology building lounge. I was sitting there and it was on the notice board behind my head:


P.S. I really like my phone camera.


jarielle said...

I can't even read the comment that started it all. 'Meeking of our planet on earth = freedom'.

Still. That's hilarious.


Tiff said...

It says 'meaning of our place on earth' xD

Maree said...

Clicky pencils...I lol'd.
Back in grade 4 all the coolest kids had pacers, however, your pacer had to take 0.4 lead if you wanted credibility. 0.7 lead was totally try hard.

Tiff said...

Lol yehh.. and in year 6, when morning glory became the 'thing' all the kids have blue bear pacers that have multi-function, like 4 colour pens + a pacer... ridiculous I tell you.