A story in photos

Ok this is a trick story, there isn't a story I just wanted to 'express my self through photos' Like I am some middle class hippie scum, with an art/photography side.

Some people say that bringing up old wounds helps them to heal.
This is a common sight where this photo was taken.
In case you can't read the fine print it says "adding about 270g, in fact. So reading this brochure won't help show Brisbane you care. ..."

The most likely
story is that I just felt like uploading some photos from my iPhone, lets not get carried away with the details.


jarielle said...

Oh please, people also take photos for fun without wanting to be 'middle class hippie scum', lol.

ANYWAY. That was hilarious. I especially love the last one. It makes me laugh.

How dare you with the broken down, burnt out car one though :p. You bum, bum, bum, bum, BUM! I should never take you through my suburb again. Too bad that was an awesomely fun day. :P.

Topher said...

I just realised that this blog automatically put a border around the edge of all the photos. This is great as it now gives me more of a reason to try to be seen as a deep and a real professional photographer, the border should probably be black rather then white. Perhaps I could start a new trend.

..now who will be my next target..

jarielle said...

Nice to know your values are in order.... lol.

Queen Anne said...

Would you blur out the plates at all? OooooOooooh he speaks, he posts. One day, study will be done. When Posts are essential course notes posted on MS.

Topher said...

Shit no, the car is off the road now :p its not like those number plates are driving around somewhere else. If they are people will think "hey they should be on that broken lancer"

I would have if it was still a car that was driving around.