The Book of Poo

I bought this book today.

"The Book of Poo, A Spotter's Guide" by Josh Richman & Dr Anish Sheth.

The book first caught my attention when I saw the word "Poo", when I read the introduction, I thought it was highly relevent to my sociology course (more for last sem, not this one, but anyway). I quote second paragraph:

Even though everybody poos, societal norms dictae that issues pertaining to poo be kept private. The act of pooing is too often hastily and covertly performed. Rather than embracing its potential for catharsis, the world has rendered the act of pooing to be an undesirable inevitability of everyday life. Indeed, poo has long resided in society's outhouse.
(Richman & Sheth 2007)

With that in mind, I will quote my favourite poo descriptions from this amusing book of poo.

Log Jam
Even worse than Pebble Poo is no poo at all. Despite stomach pains, rancid gas, and feeling a turd on deck, no matter how hard you push, nothing comes out. After 10 - 15 minutes in the bathroom, your friends, spouse, or roommate may start to worry about you, but you may not be ready to give up yet. However, when you ultimately decided that it was a false call, the empitiness of the toliet bowl is a cruel reminder of your inability to perform.

loaters vs. Sinkers
One of the most mystifying characteristics of poo is the tendency of some turds to float and others to sink to the bottom of the bowl. Whether big or small, brown of black, it is impossible to predict whether a poo will be a Floater or a Sinker until it hits the water and settles in.

If I quote anymore, I'll probably be sued for copyright infringement or something. So I'll end it here.

Down and pooping
(Think Up and Atom from Radioactive Man in The Simpsons)
and forever yours,

Richman, J., Sheth, A. (2007) The Book of Poo, A Spotter's
America: Chronicle Books


Queen Anne said...

I was under the impression that you'd be posting about the day itself rather than the extreme focus on the one particular facet. I feel that Books of Poo should be kept until after dinner... once everyone has consumed all they can without feeling ill.

jarielle said...

Something in me just thinks of Freud's anal stage.

Honey, let go.


I like that second paragraph's conclusion though. It's almost lame but amusing. "Poo has long resided in society's outhouse."

No shit.

(not literally.)