Do I have to?

One of the requirements of being given the chance to post on this blog was that I actually had to write something. If I really didn’t want to write something I would just end the post now, and leave it as this just to silence all those ‘h8terz’, I feel so black right now. It’s not that I don’t like writing, I do quite enjoy it but there is just so much pressure (not force over area! but if it was it would be kN/mm). I have always wanted a blog but I am too lazy and I get distracted way too easily to actually make it worthwhile, not to mention I would just talk type crap which would really go nowhere, or if it did it would make such massive swings from sentence to sentence that it just wouldn’t make sense. Its anatomy stills the sticking cathedral opposite an unseen, the gnome pretends to be a rhyme above a north while sighing over the castle. How many times did you re-read the previous sentence?

I did start to post something the other day, by other I mean yesterday, but really didn’t feel in the mood You see, I have a list of tasks to do to help my avoid doing whatever it is I should be doing. Today, and for the last week or so it has been study and put timetables into some sort of calendar (Google Calendar for those chosen ones) to be able to plan better, I know comedy gold. I am slowly working my way towards hitting these items, but as a procrastinator I work from the bottom up. Here is how the list appears at the moment.

1. Study

2. Google Calendar

3. Clean Desk (so I can study)

4. Post Blog thing

5. Go to Library to pick up book (its late, and it’s not open)

This list isn’t exactly what happens, of course there is usually for example a 5a, 5b, 5c, .... these are not officially added to list they just end up happening in between the main items. These are the distractions that I give myself to avoid doing the lowest (or highest number) items on the list, while I avoid doing the highest (or lowest number) items. What manipulative mind games I need to play on myself in order to get something done, I think I may have him fooled do not tell him. Back to the distractions, recently these have usually been to do with my iPhone. Like playing Nintendo games (Mario is the coolest little guy I know with a hat, and looks like a train driver) on it or other silly little games just in hope of finding anything in order to add another letter, to a number to help stop me from having to actually do something which could slightly be considered productive.

Another way to tell that you are avoiding something is when you start counting how many times the blinkly line flashes as you wait to write something. Am I counting the white bits, or when it’s black? I always lose concentration after about 15 or 20 flashes, or non-flashes.

Like I said at the start, this really goes nowhere.

Perhaps one day I will write something more insightful, don’t expect a look back in history like some of these posts have been. Just for those who do want to reminisce, grab your glass of red wine or whatever else you use to feel pretentious and deep here it is “back when I was a boy the sun was brighter, the grass was greener, the sky was bluer - we were just all round better. Cost $1.50 for a can of Coke, News was actually news not trashy gossip. We could get a bag full of for 50c and we weren’t frowned upon if we took a bag! Those bloody hippies.... Hey you kids!, Get off my Lawn! I just manicured the garden!”


jarielle said...

That is so true.

Do you count the flashy bright bits or when it goes black? Omfg. I am tripping out.

You know, no one's really pressuring you to write anything, seriously. There are just those of us here who know you're perfectly capable of writing some pretty cool, amusing things when you feel like it. So, seriously: when you feel like it. That's all.

Ah, yes. Back in my day, when I was a boy...


Topher said...

haha, yeah i know there isn't really any pressure but shh let me exaggerate for the sake of telling a tale