Inbox classics.

"Omg! She's not entirely full of shit."

"random message for my loves. yes this was sent @ 2am. I LOVE YOUS! Indeed not random at all. No I'm not high on illegal substances. I am merely happy" - Sometimes I think she's taken too many lessons on talking from Lizzy dearest

"The house across the road was on fire 5 minutes ago. Should i have sent an email?" - LOL-flipping-LOL!

"I have to commit an assassination." - reply to 'are you busy tomorrow?'

"11:11" - I love tradition

"call me I'm dying" - You're a dick. But I love you. xD.

"I poured a bucket of boiling water down myself... I feel like I wetted myself"

"we are stuck on the slope up the fall of the wild west ride at mw .HELP!"

"Make a wish."

"Mover over jesus, janelle has risen" - received five minutes after thermo (last) exam ended

"Knock em dead janelle" - received two seconds before math (first) exam began

"I remember why I called ... I ran into a pole" 

"Hah. But its nice to know something is still magical out there. I knwo this be a short text but. I'm with two cups of tea and a mandy. =]"

"I think I just got pooped on"

This is a recycled post, but I couldn't think of anything else to write other than that, right now, I am loving Uni.  Chemical/Materials engineering, anyone?  I have waited an entire semester to figure out where all the physics came in -- and here it is, right here, mixed in with Chemistry.  Nanotechnology, smart materials, semiconductors, biomaterials, polymers, ... the list goes on.  So far we've been learning about basic properties of materials and we've been introduced to De Broglie's theories.  

I'm excited.

Oh yeah, and meeting with uni kids again: flipping awesome. 



Maree said...

I would never eat citrus fruit with tea.

jarielle said...

Really? Why not? I'll try eating an orange with tea now. I say why not.