It's 11pm (almost)

And I'm eating cornflakes.

Special K with Honey Almond at that.

You know, I developed this thing with just randomly eating cornflakes in my room, without milk, just with my hands dripping into the box, or pouring a bunch into my mouth. It's very boyish and stereotypically male (a la all the advertisements on TV, you see the women pouring it into a bowl with milk neatly and gracefully... and you see the men just pouring it down their throats), but I like it, in the freedom of my room, I'm allowed to do just that. And I am a girl, yes I know that's shocking (based on what you know about me and my cereal habits), I am definitely a girl.

Anyway, this entry is just about my cereal stock in my room, I have like, 3 boxes of Special K in my room, hidden under my desk, next to my stuff toys and behind my beanbag, if you ever want Special K, just sneak into my room and help yourself... well if you sneak, you gonna help yourself... because if you don't sneak... I'll have to help you get in, therefore you're not helping yourself to my cereal, you're making ME help YOU to MY cereal.

Blahh this is pointless. Janelle just asked me whether I'm blogging about McFly.

My my! How far off is that! This entry is about CEREAL! Obviously, you've been reading right? Not just going ctrl-f and look for your name (cough Janelle cough)? Now she got me to mention my love, I'm just gonna drop a quote here:

"When I blocked up the toilet with a monster poo which we later named Jeff"

- Dougie Poynter
Sorry I can't resist!


jarielle said...

Tiff, you're a dick. You make me laugh.

As far as creativity and cereal goes, the most I have in my room is a cup of tea and an empty bag of peanuts my brother left there when he was watching TV on my laptop earlier.

I love that. A blog about cereal. xD.

Queen Anne said...

A blog about cereal corrupted by McFly references. To the theme of food in the room? There nothing in here but the food that might be ingrained in my carpet. That gets a bit of moving about while I'm in spring clean mode. There will be a spring clean. Some day.