Invest in significance.

I never thought of this as something I'd blog about publicly, but I'm feeling really, really happy now -- the 'end' of an awesome day, I suppose -- so here goes.

Do you ever catch the clock at 11:11?

I heard it in a song once -- I always catch the clock: it's 11:11, now it's time to talk (Something Corporate) -- but it never meant anything to me. I'd look it up on the 'net and find these theories. I really didn't care. It was silly to me but sounded pretty.

One day Tiffany, who doesn't even listen to SoCo and isn't really all that superstitious, popped up on MSN saying "HEY! it's 11:11! Make a wish!"

It became a habit. One that spread slowly, person to person. Antonia text messages me when she's out and remembers I'm home alone.

It doesn't mean anything in itself, just like the Logan Hyperdome 555 bus wasn't named so some smart arse could have Log Hyp 555 on passing buses like calculator code. It just amuses me and makes me happy -- guarantees I'll have reason to smile while waiting for my bus home.

For me, it's a reminder of friendship and simple wishes, connections and coincidence.

Tonight Maree asked me what I wished for, just out of curiousity.

I'd never really thought to ask Tiff or Toni in case it 'jinxed' anything, but Maree's asking made me realise how ridiculous the idea was. After all, 11:11 didn't mean anything until to start off with, until I wanted it to.

I asked Tiffany first.

"Hey," I started. "Is it bad luck to ask what you wish for every night? I just want to know if you wish for the same thing or if it changes." (If the answer that you want is in the question that you state: come what may. Coheed & Cambria.)

Tiff said, "it changes." She wished for "little things."

She said, "I can tell you what I wished for just then, since I know it's gonna come true if I go downstairs.

"I wish[ed] for udon for supper."

(It was 11:11, she'd worked late, and her family had already eaten)

Hearing Tiffany say something so strikingly similar to what was in my own head made me smile.

I wish for the same thing knowing it will come true -- if I try hard enough.

I'm not superstitious, but it's the best thing I've 'believed' in in a while.

Today was awesome.


Queen Anne said...

I do believe that even if you were with company, I'd have sent a text of some sort anyway. Its just that I saw on the car clock that it was that special time once more [Mitch's clock was OFF(time that is)] Online its over the IM business. Ahh simply because this makes you happy and knowing this I try make sure you don't forget
I've found that theres this weird tendency to look at the clock at 11:12 which frustrates me. Was it a second ago that I could have made a wish? Half a minute? I've udon cravings.