NDS, a melodrama.

My hands are numb, so I decided to blog, since it require finger work, and moving my hands along the keyboard (kinda)... I could have gone downstairs to play the piano, but I'm too lazy to get my ass off my chair... guess that's why I'm cold huh, I'm not eating, drinking something hot, or moving around to keep the blood flowing.

Anyway, about moving around, I downloaded a game onto my NDS today, it' s call "Improve my health - My Weight Loss Coach", do not ask my why I downloaded it ok? I just... felt like it, also because I deleted half the games on my NDS, it seem a bit, empty, so I loaded it with a bunch of random new games.

I was tempted to add Hannah Montana back on it, but... I reminded myself that I'm turning 18, Miley Cyrus has a gay voice and that having Hannah Montana on my NDS will probably encourage the world to laugh at me, so I resisted that urge and left the link unclicked.

Can you believe how much a NDS game make you think? Even if you're not playing the game, it makes you think about whether to download it (or buy it), if you do get the game, what would other people think of you and your game choices, and more importantly, are you going to enjoy the game. Someone can write a book about what a person thinks when they are downloading an NDS game, like, there could be this entire sociological viewpoint on NDS and their games.

Okay I'll shut up now. It's just, I love my NDS, and I love thinking about my NDS, and since taking sociology, I've been thinking, a lot about the world, and now when I combine NDS with thinking, I instantly apply this sociological view on it. I'm insane I know. You can now shut up and stop laughing about the Hannah Montana discussion that was going on in my head about 6 hours ago.