My day as a professional idiot.

How can you possibly be a professional idiot?

Do you take a course in idiocy? Do you graduate from a school for idiots? Is there some kind of special exam you'll need to take to become a professional idiot?

To be honest, I don't know how you become a professional idiot, I think it's one of those things you're born with, or one of those days you have when you are just completely insane and retarded, or when you're just generally really happy.

I have a combination of the last two possible ways of being a pro idiot for a day. I was completely off my rocket and insanely happy today. And with the explosive combination, I got a day-pass as a professional idiot for a day (naturally, that's what a day-pass is for, to be something, be somewhere, for a DAY! See, that's what a DAY mean, it means a DAY!).

So, my day as a professional idiot. Where should I start?

Maybe I should start with my psyc1040 lecture this morning. It all started quite normally, ran into my cousin dearest, chatted to him a bit, scream out ANTONIA and JANELLE over the relieved Engineers and sleepy Psychologists when I saw Toni's red cardie. This is normal every-day (almost) event for me and I thought nothing of it.

However, when I was sitted in my lecture, my lecturer started talking about scientific research methods, he has a Canadian accent see, and when he say hypothesis, he pronounce it "hypothesees", it made me crack up everytime he say it, and everytime I laugh, Keenan look at me funny and shakes his head, which make me laugh even harder.

On the way to Sociology (and Keenan back to college for lunch), we walked pass some girl talking to her friend, she said something about the "Asians", and for absolutely no reason at all, I started laughing and tripping over my feet (not that anyone noticed of course), because I was concentrating on how to not trip over, I didn't look at where I was going. About a meter away was a tree, and I was so shocked that there was a tree in front of me, I went: TREE GET OUT OF MY WAY! hoping that it would mirculously jump out of my path. As the idiot I was, I justified my almost-hitting-a-tree experience with "They're alive, they should know better than to be in my way!". Which just further reinforce the fact that I am completely insane today.

After sociology, Janelle, Jasmin and I went to lunch (for me) at Wordsmiths, Jas started reaccounting all the funny things that happened today to Janelle. When Jas was telling the stories, I kept laughing and laughing and laughing. for again, absolutely no reason at all. My laughter was contageious (as usual), and caused both Jas AND Janelle to laugh with me. About 5 minutes after my salad arrived (and about 10 minutes of contineuous laughter), I wacked myself on the head trying to stop myself from laughing so I could start eating, realising that I am completely crazy today, I told myself (out loud, how sad), "I'M SUCH A LOSER", and because I said it out loud, Jas added "FOR ONCE SHE'S MAKING SENSE", which just made us laugh even harder.

To be honest, I do not remember most of what happened today, it happened way too fast. But I felt that I need to record this just so that... well one day we can look back and smile, thinking "wow, wasn't I an idiot?" well, that's more for me, you'll probably think, "wow, wasn't Tiff an idiot?".

So this is my day as a professional idiot. I cannot imagine anyone pulling off idiocy that well really, and as Jelly put it, I do randomness best.

And signing off,


jarielle said...


God, today was HILARIOUS. You spent so much time with your head on the table laughing, and Jas and I just had to join in. God.

I'm glad you didn't mention the Postcard incidence. Jas and I ran to the display, and I sat there, and LAUGHED so hard for absolutely no reason, and I'm sure there was an interview going on in the room next to me.

I just laughed, and then I fell over. You say Jas joined me but she insisted she sat down, not 'fell'. xP.

God, hanging out with you guys is awesome.

Queen Anne said...

=[ I missing out on some sort of laughing juice? Some essence that is not produced at home... I take it you ... 'detoured' on your way to the library?

jarielle said...

Yeah, I did. I went to the Library and went, screw it, her lecture is in the floor below me. I went and I took notes.


Didn't get much work done, but I had an awesome time.