People are strange.

Being an academic would be awesome. You are renowned for your intelligence and can hence say as many eccentric, downright odd things as you like and people still have to take you seriously. One of our lecturers posted this in the exam feedback on blackboard;

As usual, some students did not manage their time well and did not leave any time to answer this question – though, oddly, this was more common in the first half of the alphabet than among the Ls to Zs.

On an unrelated note, I saw this on a toilet wall today (but didn't manage to take a photo.);

handwriting 1: I wish everyone would realise that we are all people - all of us.
handwriting 2: really? all of us?
handwriting 3. Fuck, I'm not.


jarielle said...


Your lecturers are on something. I want whatever they're having.

(unless they're pregnant, because I don't want any babies just yet.)

Maree said...

So, you want whatever they're having, provided that what they're having isn't unprotected sex. Fair enough Janelle. :P

jarielle said...

I actually didn't think of it that way (I obviously don't think of the consequences), but meant more along the lines if not wanting to 'have' any babies. (in which case I was more thinking about the consequences but not the initial act...)

That just messed with my head.

musucbf said...

Haha, this reminds me of how eccentric teachers can sometimes be. Although my example is much less interesting it's still an example. Have you ever had to endure the migraine that is "teacher's loud shirt" day?

nice blog here btw : )