Barefoot Contessa

Inspired me to cook.

Too bad my mum sucks at keeping the kitchen stocked, and I have to get my lazy ass out of the house on my day off.

And I have to scrab money from my mum's table! BECAUSE MY STUPID PIN HASN'T ARRIVED IN THE MAIL YET!

Besides the access to my mum's spare change, I have no cash at all. Nothing, nada.

So it's 12:03pm. The only thing I've eaten today is a really gross triple chocolate muffin that is way too sweet. I know I usually love anything with chocolate, but seriously, chocolate chips, chocolate batter, and chocolate fudge in something as small as a muffin is too sweet. It leaves a really yucky after taste as well.

This is why I want to cook, cook something that is as good as chocolate, but not overly sweet, something that will not leave some kind of disgusting after taste.

I've decided on chocolate mousse and whip cream. I have whip cream at home, I have chocolate at home, but I have no plain cream to make the mousse. And that is why if I want to cook, I'll have to get my lazy butt out of the house.

And why should I cook? My laziness is stronger than my desire to cook. And this is why I'm blogging. Because I'm lazy.

"Blog because I'm lazy". Some people say "I'm too lazy to blog", but I enjoy twisting things around and making no sense at all.

What can I say, I'm cool like that. Not self-absorbed at all.

I should actually be at uni right now. I made plans to lunch with a friend. But, I overslept (see a pattern anyone?), this always happen, my alarm clock NEVER go off when I need it to, and it goes off when I don't want it to. I guess you can say... TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU DON'T WANT IT TO GO OFF! But you know me, and I know you, and I know that you know that I will never do such thing because I'M LAZY.

This blog entry should be titled "I'm Lazy", but I'm too lazy to change it, so it shall remain "Barefoot Contessa" for as long as I live and have exclusive access to my password on

So to sign off, I'll end with a quote from an excellent song.

I guess it's time to take my curtain call, I'm dying to thank you

McFly - The Last Song (Radio:ACTIVE)
I salute,


Queen Anne said...

My dear companion in arms. I must say, I sympathise but my back aches with the pains of actual physical work. These arms have been used for something that isn't a left/right click... that doesn't concern a book -novel or text... and... I must say I wish I simply had your issue there.

I sip my tea here a used woman. Effort has been exerted and I had no choice in the matter. Also, is there any remains of this chocolate? I'm... always open to sugary treats and bribes.

jarielle said...

... Mmm, chocolate. Gorgeous, sweet, smooth, luxurious chocolate.

The proper sort, anyway. For some reason, whenever I hear 'batter' I think pancakes. I've never had chocolate pancakes before.

You know, you never actually explained what 'Barefoot Contessa' was. :P. Not distracted at all!

Also, I ran into Jas today. Were you meant to meet up with her?

Queen Anne, can I ask what you're on about? Physical labour, 'used woman', ...? I'm confused.


Queen Anne said...

Sorry...I was just making a point of how...lazy I was not today... ahh that doesn't seem to make much sense but "unlazy/non-lazy" etc doesn't seem to fit the bill either.
I was moping up the small lake that's now spreading... ever closer to my room. Which I'm dreading. Maintenance aren't in sight... So I've been domestic and battling the tide. Which is not the lazy option =[ Like battling the ocean. You lose.

jarielle said...

Oooh, I'd forgotten about that.

=/ I hope the icky unknown material hasn't been invading your shower again.

I'm beginning to think being a plumber must be terrible.

Ah well. At least you can say you've been domestic and un-lazy.

Funny how they say 'domestic', really.

I always just think of airports.

Queen Anne said...

I think you've gotten it mixed up. Its the Mystery Juice from the shower to all other parts of my home...

jarielle said...

I see.

=/ still, sounds icky. Aww.