Old friends are the best...

...because you can say plenty of mean and inflammatory things to one another without the fear of repercussions.

Peter: I like your cardigan.
Maree: my Mum made it.
Peter: It looks so professional. I bet she made your jeans and your Converse as well.
Maree: Yeah! she made everything. She even made me.
Maylene: How come you're not as good quality as everything else?

It's good having someone there to cut you down.


Janelle said...


I love Maylene. She is flipping hilarious.

"At least I'm talented. You're just ugly!"

She's the one to go to for advice and when you just don't know the answer.

"Maymay, Maymay... is the earth bigger than the sun?"

If you have issues you can't solve, she knows just what to say.


Sigh. Go Maymay. xD.

Maree said...

lol the ugly but talented birds. I've given up trying to pay her out. She always wins.

You know she and I almost got run over yesterday. We were having a conversation at the lights on George Street when we heard the 'walk' noise and started to cross. Little did we know that the noise was coming from a different set of traffic lights. We were about two metres short of stepping in front of a truck when some woman started yelling at us and we realised what was happening. If that woman hadn't opened her mouth you'd totally be a friend and a cousin short right now.

Janelle said...

HOLY FUCK. What time was this, anyway? Because yesterday I had this most random compulsion to figure out why the rule was 'look right, look left, look right again.' It's stupid because it should have been obvious, but that's because the lane you are walking into will generally have cars approaching from the right hand side. If you're in America, follow these rules and you could be screwed.

I'm glad you guys weren't mooshed.

If it did happen, at least you were coming from uni, which meant you both had your concession cards on you. Mr O's advice to the rescue once again.

No seriously, be careful. CAREFUL. Also, you can't count. I'd have lost an adopted sister, a cousin and two friends, thank you very much. And, in general, I am a friend and a cousin short. Damn being vertically challenged.